Use Instagram’s “Link in Bio” to drive clients to your website

If I looked at your Instagram bio right now, would I find a link to your website? If not, you’re missing out on tons of potential clients! The link in bio feature has been making businesses money off of Instagram since long before the coveted “swipe up” feature in Stories was ever even a thing. Using your Instagram link in […]

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Can You Make Money From Instagram? How To Attract New Clients In 3 Simple Steps

You love Instagram. It’s one of your favorite platforms for sharing about your business and showing off your photos, but can you really make money from it? The answer is absolutely yes! People everywhere are making money on Instagram every day, and with a little help, you can too! I’ve generated so much money in sales directly from Instagram and […]

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5 profitable Instagram captions for online businesses

My business strategy clients often worry about if Instagram is right for them. Where do you even start with creating profitable Instagram ideas for business? My answer is that if you like spending time on any form of social media, then it's worth learning how to use it to build your community and profits! Instagram is no exception, but coming […]

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There is ONE simple key to earning money on social media, and it’s what I call a social media micro-funnel. Build yours with me, in this free 100% educational workshop.

Common sense disclaimer: This is not a business opportunity. No income opportunity is being presented in this online class. You are registering for exactly what’s stated – educational training to assist you in getting more customers and members for your existing business. This is in no way associated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, or any other organizations.