Marketing strategist + business coach

marketing strategist + business coach


Your mind is always humming with big dreams, curiosity, and ambition. You love the challenge of creating a more profitable business, helping people you adore, and having so much flexibility.

But if someone asked, “how do more ideal buyers find you?” honestly feels like luck.

And that makes you uneasy.

You're determined to grow to the next level

(You've shown you can figure out almost anything!)

You've taught yourself how to put together a website, create an offer, get feedback, get visible on social media, write from your heart, connect with clients, launch, and reply to all. of. the. emails. You wear 19 different hats during any given week.

If you’re a service provider…
You have your process nailed down, a stellar reputation, folks who refer to you semi-regularly, and love being a trusted advisor to your clients.

If you’re a course or membership creator…
You have a proven program, you've have been serving your audience, writing sales emails, even trying out personal outreach during launches.

and while you're planning your week, doing dishes, and checking notifications, there's a stream of ideas, worries, and nagging concerns that run on repeat in the background.

You're doing it all - including the work you love - and that's where a lot of smart, passionate folks get stuck

You find yourself thinking that:

  • You've been ready to take your business to the next level for a while – but you're so close to the systems, the sales, and your IP that it's hard to understand exactly what's not connecting
  • You've been pouring effort into being a good student. You take online courses, learn your mentor's systems, ask for help, take action, stay consistent and then… it doesn't work. And you have to start over, again
  • There are so many ways to grow between SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, webinars, challenges, and social selling… you want to nail down a bite-sized plan, and get it working
  • You have goals in mind and want to powerfully step toward them… but it triggers a tidal wave of questions about pricing, positioning, marketing, your funnel, team… choosing is frustrating – it all feels like choosing between the chicken or the egg
You're usually the one people come to for help, but lately you've been wishing someone could press pause, sit down beside you, and help you figure out what's holding your business back
“Kyla is everything she promises - and then some. She has a really unique combination of skills, abilities and a fantastic way of highlighting the most compelling things about my ideas. From my first connection online our work was high energy, dynamic, collaborative and fun. At every single step of the way Kyla was professional, but approachable, real, knew her stuff and totally exceeded my expectations. I have rushed to recommend her to anyone who is looking for creative marketing and PR in the ever-changing online world.”
Award-winning leadership and executive coach

You're whip smart, curious AF, and have a vision for what your business could be

You've built your business from the ground up. You're completely committed to growing your business, listening to your clients, and iterating, iterating, iterating.

You're so ready to stop overthinking and move toward your goals.

Right now:

You know there's a disconnect somewhere between marketing, lead gen, sales, and content creation. Things are mostly working, trying to pinpoint it on your own is overwhelming (not to mention, what should you even change first?!).

Hiring feels hard, but you want to step into being a leader in your business – and in your industry. You're not sure of the best way forward, and your worried brain serves up a buffet of “What if…” scenarios that rattle your confidence.

You crave in-depth feedback and focused progress that the courses and group programs you've tried don't allow. You've learned a lot, and can tell it's time to consume less content and work on your business.

The novelty of planning everything on your own is wearing off, but you want  to get visible and grow. You love educating and building a relationship with your audience. Thinking about aligning the emails, launches, social content with your offer alone (again!) feels boring and tiring.

When your marketing is well positioned, specific, and tailored to your strengths well qualified, high-ticket clients start lining up.

(Even when you're inconsistent!)

Because counter to what unimaginative, neurotypical business mentors claim? Taking time off from marketing is neither a moral failing, nor a terrible curse that will haunt your family for five generations.

Here's what I know:

Plans are helpful, but

coaching is *magic*

Because your feelings are the fuel behind every single action that you take - and don't take - in your business

After working with over 600 private clients, running a web design agency, managing dozens of freelancers, teaching online courses and group programs, and working with private consulting clients, I know that plans and tactics are helpful - to a point.

I offer a hybrid of consulting, mentorship, and coaching - because coaching gives you the tools to follow through on your plans.

Coaching allows you to market, sell, and show up while working with your self-doubt, shifting out of procrastination, and using self-compassion as your ally. Coaching has been radically supportive to me as a business owner, goal rebel, and sensitive human balancing big dreams with big responsibilities.

Are you ready to:

  • Move toward your goals at a nourishing pace that works for your finances and energy? (Yes, seriously)
  • Start growing your audience, personal network, and actively generating leads– without forgetting they're amazing, real people or doing things you hate?
  • Follow up and invite interested folks to work with you with empathy, genuine support, and without pressure?
  • Pump the breaks on overthinking and limiting self-talk before it steers you off course, and feel better about marketing?
  • Have offers and systems that create more space you to take more time off, enjoy your down time, and be with the people you love?

Then I would love to be your coach!


For 13 years I've been a trusted marketing advisor to hundreds of service-based business owners and course creators.

I know what it takes to build and run a small business, because I've done it more than once. In 2008 I started a blog (this one!) and side-hustling while working entertainment marketing and pursuing a graduate program in Human Resources Management. 

I went from charging $500 for website designs and selling scarves on Etsy, to running a design agency of top bloggers, being a leading social seller on multiple $2.5+ million dollar launches, writing $30k proposals. I became a licensed business strategist under my mentor Tara McMullin, and have a doing marketing strategist and coach ever since. My business has completely changed my life, and allowed me to support my family so my husband could be a stay at home dad.

I have lived experience as a queer person with GAD, depression and ADHD. I'm currently in coach training, specializing in supporting neurodivergent clients.

I've already helped clients tackle things like:

Let's strengthen your marketing and sales, permanently.

I'm a coach and consultant, not a done-for-you service provider. So if you want someone to write a sales page, or do the work for you, I'm not who you're looking for.

I'm committed to building permanent capacity inside of my clients businesses. How I can do that is to teach you or your team these skills, provide templates to work from, show you how to improve what you've got, share more feedback than you can shake a stick at, or provide trusted referrals. (Sound dreamy? I hope so!)

Here's how we could collaborate:

Uncomplicated marketing Intensive

Together we can:

Here's what you get:

Investment: $1500 USD

This could be right for you if...

This might not be right for you if...



"Before working with Kyla, I wasn't paying attention to where my clients were coming from and actions I could take to keep them coming. Now, I know where my clients are coming from, and precise steps I can take to increase inquiries when I want to"

Krista Rae was a wordpress developer who had launched retainer services to create recurring revenue, but her clients weren’t snapping them up like they should have. We reviewed her offer to make sure it was amazing (it already was), so we reviewed her website, and sales funnel. I recommended small changes to her sales page and email her email funnel to make her messaging more emotionally relevant to her clients.

Highlighted results:

  • Within three months of our first call, she had completely booked out her retainer packages
  • Added over $60k per year in recurring revenue to her income.
  • Had another $4000 of new invoices closing
  • She’s gone on to launch the wildly successful business, Summit In A Box and teaches business owners how to run their own virtual summit.

Start a dedicated season of taking action and creating freedom in your business

01. Apply

Complete the short application to share what you're looking for support with, what your goals and challenges are. If I'm a good match for your project, you'll be sent a link to schedule a free discovery call.

03. Collaborate!

If we're a match, you'll receive a link to  complete payment, book your calls, and we'll start co-creating your custom plan to get you on track with your goals.

02. Connect

We'll meet on a free 45-minute discovery call to discuss your goals, see how we get along, and talk about what could be supportive for you. I'll share what I would do if I was in your situation, and what my clients have had success with.

$1500 USD

Want to do-it-yourself instead?

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Kyla Roma is a Canadian marketing strategist and coach on a mission to make marketing uncomplicated for small business owners everywhere.

She wants to bust your misconceptions and share practical next steps about how to become known and earn an awesome living. (So you can get back to the important stuff: patting all the dogs you meet, your creative projects, and pricing out a tiny house office!)


There is ONE simple key to earning money on social media, and it’s what I call a social media micro-funnel. Build yours with me, in this free 100% educational workshop.

Common sense disclaimer: This is not a business opportunity. No income opportunity is being presented in this online class. You are registering for exactly what’s stated – educational training to assist you in getting more customers and members for your existing business. This is in no way associated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, or any other organizations.