Marketing strategist + business coach

marketing strategist + business coach

GROWING a THRIVING ONLINE business doesn't have to be so COMPLICATED

Let's get your brilliance into the world, get your free time back – and get you paid.


If you're confused about marketing and sales,
your clients are too

You're determined to grow to the next level

You're determined to grow to the next level

(You've got a big vision and can figure out almost anything!)

You got a website online, created a service or course to sell, tested it, worked on being visible on social media, found ways to share from your heart, connect with people who need your help, and reply to all. of. the. emails. You wear 19 different hats during any given week.

If you’re a service provider or agency…
You've honed your craft, deeply care about your client's experience, and love being a trusted advisor to your clients.

If you teach or run a group program…
You love turning insights into education, facilitating group calls, and are figuring out how to launch in a way that works for your life.

And while you're planning your week, doing dishes, and checking notifications, there's a stream of ideas, worries, and nagging concerns that run on repeat in the background.

To keep growing, you need more of the right people consistently discovering you and buying... and it feels like the ONE thing you can't control.

You find yourself thinking that:

  • You're ready to take your business to the next level, but you're so in the weeds that it's hard to tell what's a good next step vs. what's a distraction

  • You've been doing a damn good job of putting the pieces in place, and have seen success – maybe more than you bargained for – but all the systems, ideas, solutions, still rely on you and you're feeling the pressure

  • There are so many ways to grow! There's SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, webinars, challenges, and social selling… you want to nail down a sustainable plan that wins more subscribers, followers, and buyers

  • You want to powerfully step toward your vision – but your big goals trigger a tidal wave of interconnected questions that get you stuck in your head as you ruminate on the right offers, marketing,  pricing, contractors, boundaries, workload, and more…

You want to feel in control and

know you're growing your business

the right way for you

But when you try to apply all your ideas and research to your own business, the big picture vision is juuuuuuuust a little overwhelming. 

Here's the thing:

Your business is perfectly designed to

create the leads, sales, and amount

of calm or chaos that you've got

Your business is perfectly designed to create the leads, sales, and amount of calm or chaos that you've got

Your business is perfectly designed to create the leads and sales you've got

Here's why that's good news:

Business can feel tricky because everything is time delayed, but it's 100% cause and effect. That means we can find the challenge, remove roadblocks, and it can change!

To shift your results, you need to slow down so you can speed up.

The Uncomplicated Marketing Process

① Do the right people reliably engage with and buy from you?
If not, we'll start at phase one and build strong foundation systems. 

② Do enough of the right people discover you each month to meet your sales goals?
If not, we'll start at phase two and expand your audience.

③ Do your opinions about marketing, sales, and your business feel good in your body?
If not, while we work on your business we'll use phase three to manage your mind. 

Here's what that means, in practical terms:

Build strong foundation systems

For most clients, this is the primary focus of our work.

Do the right people reliably engage with and buy from you? 

If not, then I go into my library of marketing and business strategy tools, and we partner to refine your strategy. 

In the end, your potential clients understand exactly how you help them, are already being helped by you (with content), and have regular opportunities to show interest in working together, and to buy.

Work here helps you to…

  • Double check your pricing and revenue goals
  • Choose the right marketing platforms and tactics for your goals
  • Test and optimize your unique marketing system (from social media to consultation calls) to increase engagement and sales
  • Launch live or evergreen group programs with ease, and hold attention beyond the first launch
  • Attract more high-paying clients who love to pay you
  • Create systems you can automate or delegate to your team

Expand with audience growth projects

Do enough people discover you each month to keep sales humming?

If not, then we explore energetically aligned ways to get your business in front of people who have never heard of it before. No sweaty palms or cold DM's allowed!

Focusing here gives you a plan to…

  • Pitch mutually beneficial collaborations
  • Drive referrals and grow your personal network with people you enjoy, and at a pace that makes sense to you
  • Regularly pitch and land podcast interviews
  • Have a lead generation strategy that you don't dread and avoid
  • Have ready-to-go signature trainings and a plan to teach to other people's audiences
  • Expand to new marketing platforms
  • Use outbound social media engagement to grow your audience.

Note: We only move into audience growth once we know your foundation systems can hold water

Manage your mind

Do your opinions about marketing, sales, and your business feel good in your body?

Here's why this matters thoughts and opinions cause feelings, and your feelings determine all the actions you take (and avoid) in your business. Ignoring your feelings leads to working against your body, self sabotage, and burnout.

I use an evidence-based approach to coaching that's grounded in psychology to align with my client's goals, get to the root of what holds them back, and help them find their way forward.

Work here allows you to…

  • Stop overthinking and second guessing yourself
  • Follow through on what you start
  • Run your business in a way that supports your body, brain, mental health, and nervous system.
  • Build self-trust, confidence, and resilience
  • Feel safe being visible, setting boundaries, and selling

In 90 days you could...



"Before working with Kyla, I wasn't paying attention to where my clients were coming from and actions I could take to keep them coming. Now, I know where my clients are coming from, and precise steps I can take to increase inquiries when I want to"

Krista Rae was a WordPress developer who had launched retainer services to create recurring revenue, but after months of sharing the offer her clients didn't seem to understand and weren't booking. After checking her offer to make sure it was amazing, the audit moved on to her sales page, and the sales emails she had been sending.

She made small copy changes to her sales page and emails to make them more emotionally relevant and specific to her clients experience. After publishing the changes, her clients and website visitors saw the value in the exact same offer. Now they couldn't get enough, and the bookings came pouring in.

Highlighted results:

  • Within three months, her new retainer packages were being snapped up by excited clients
  • The packages added over $45k per year in recurring revenue to her family's income
  • Krista had another $4000 of new invoices closing in related business, from clients who now understood how she could help them
  • Krista was able to expand her support team and hire five new contractors to help grow her business even more

You both love what you've created

and know your business could be
so much more

You’ve got so many pieces of the success that you pictured when you first started, and you’re really good at what you do. But trying to solve all the problems alone is getting old.

You’d love a compassionate co-conspirator to help you shoulder the strategic thinking,and close the gap between you and your goals.


Since 2009, I‘ve been a trusted advisor to over 600 one-on-one online business owners, like you.

I know what it takes to build and run a small business, because I've done it, twice. I went from charging $500 for website designs, to running a web design agency of top bloggers and having a 6+ month long waiting list. I fell in love with business, become a trained, licensed business strategist, and have been consulting and teaching ever since.

I've created, taught and launched many online courses and group programs, managed a large team, pivoted my business, been a leading social seller on $2.5+ million dollar launches, spoken from the stage, revived failing launches, trained as a conversion copywriter, and hit send on $30k proposals.

I have lived experience with building a thriving business as a queer mom with anxiety, depression, and ADHD.

I help online business owners take back control
and create a thriving business that really works

It's the kind of work that sees my clients raise their rates and get fully booked, watch their engagement rates jump, and hit their launch goals without being levelled by the process.

…Aah, can't you just see yourself relaxing by the pool, as ice clinks in your fancy drink?
Palm Springs, here you come! You're leaving your laptop at home, and don't even feel guilty.

Past clients include:


Sound good?

Then it's time for the nitty-gritty details


Choose your level of support:

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Talented business owners ready to try one-on-one coaching, new business owners, strategic support at a more relaxed pace

Tier One:

Strategic Sounding Board

Includes three months of everything above and:

three payments of
$850 USD

and book free 45-minute discovery call

Tier Two:

Marketing Co-Director

Includes three months of everything above and:

three payments of
$1150 USD

for free 45-minute discovery call

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Motivated goal getters, scaling up income, creating powerful progress with spacious support, marketing content co-creation, and launch planning

Longer term engagements are available, and all packages are tax deductible

Not quite ready to apply? Click to send Kyla a note or ask a question.



I am deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. I commit to practicing anti-racism as a verb, to accept and celebrate people regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical, sensory, or intellectual ability, chronic health conditions, mental health, body size, neurodiversity, or any other trait. Read the full values statement here.

If anything here doesn’t enthusiastically align with your values,
I strongly encourage you work with someone else
☮ ♥

What to expect when you apply

Here's how the application process works:

01. Apply

Explore the packages below, then complete the application and book a free 45-minute discovery call.

You'll answer questions you haven't been asked before, share your goals and challenges, and book your free discovery call.

02. Discover

Get clear with your free 45-minute discovery call.

We'll have a warm, open conversation to get to know each other. I'll answer your questions, explain my process and I'll share the opportunities I see for you business.

03. Invite

If we're a good match, your private invitation will arrive by email after the call. 

You'll sign an agreement, complete the first payment, and pop the champaign (or kombucha!) as you level up and book your calls!

Private coaching could be right for you if:

  • Your business has a proven offer that helps your right people
  • You want to move toward your goals at a nourishing pace that works for your finances and energy? (Bye, burn out!)
  • You have content writing handled. You need help setting the big-picture strategy and translating that into social media, emails, networking – and beyond – in a way that's engaging and sells.
  • People matter to you and you wouldn't follow a marketing or sales plan unless it is genuinely helpful, empathetic, and without pressure

Private coaching might not be for you if...


Yes, my team updates my coaching availability live on this page as it changes. I work with a very limited number of clients each quarter so it can change quickly, but if the apply now buttons are visible above, I am accepting new clients. 

Absolutely. I call this “undermarketing” your business, and it's so much more common than you think. Especially with done-for-you service providers.

Even if you haven't been actively marketing, there are things that are working for you now, and things that have worked in the past. I draw that out from you, and learn how you like to work. Then we decide together on energizing, low effort project to add to your system and find what works for you.

No. The business coaching world is filled with this kind of empty hype coming from business famous teachers (with giant teams who actually do the work) to inexperienced coaches and experts alike.

That's not what I do. 

Do I have a reliable process? Hell yes! Do I love helping my clients find income opportunities? Absolutely! But what I care way more about is avoiding burnout, and creating a business that's sustainable and actually feels good to run. 

Maybe it's not as exciting as selling a six-figure fantasy, but instead I offer my deep, multidisciplinary experience in business, lived experiences, and strategic perspective.

I'm candid, direct, and open – and I believe that grounded approach serves my clients better.

No, none of my clients market the exact same way, and I don't have any “required” ways of marketing. I focus on what works for my clients, and what gets them results.

My work holds up outside of the bubble of online business and digital marketing. That's how I've worked on strategy for the University of Minnesota, the National Film Board of Canada, and with non-profits like Social Planning Council which went on to form the United Way.

I often work with clients on “one-to-one” marketing strategies like: building your personal network, generating referrals, and designing mutually beneficial collaborations.

I also work with clients on less traditional “one-to-many” marketing strategies like going on tour with 100% educational trainings, landing podcast interviews, lead magnet swaps, and others.

Personally, while I've built a significant social media following for my own business (140k followers on Pinterest, 6k on Twitter, 3.5k on Instagram) but I've also taken years at a time off of social media because I wanted to. My first business was a fully booked web design agency, and we accomplished that without social media or newsletters.

Business structure
My clients range from solo service providers, consultants, and freelancers, to business partnerships, medium sized teams, non-profits, and agencies.

Offer styles
My clients offers take the form of done-for-you services, done-with-you services, digital courses, digital products, group programs, paid communities, masterminds, memberships, hybrid programs, and more.

Niche Experience:
I have worked directly with over 600 one-on-one clients, including:

Health and Wellness
Therapists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, dieticians, running coaches, and health coaches

Marketers, Writers, and Designers
Digital marketers, social media managers, web designers, bloggers, copywriters, content writers, web developers, brand designers, community managers, marketing consultants, and more.

Imposter syndrome coaches, career coaches, life coaches, business coaches, and health coaches.

Wedding photographers, documentary family photographers, birth photographers, and editorial photographers.

Tutors, professional development trainers, in-classroom assessment.

Creatives, Artists and Podcasters
Interior designers, podcasters, painters, fine artists, fiber artists, printmakers, t-shirt designers, and brick and mortar shop owners.

No problem. Select the package that is your best guess of what would help you, and include that you want to talk about packages on your application. We can discuss it on your discovery call.

From my heart to yours: I get it. You're not alone. This isn't proof that you're bad at business. I would love to be your coach. 

Also: Part of a client's job is to be messy. That's why you hire me! You get to roll up and bring along any with drama, messiness, blame, or confusion and then we sort it out together. There is tremendous strength in letting yourself be fully seen, and it's healing to have someone who knows the whole picture and still believes in you and your goals.

I have lived experience with depression, generalized anxiety disorder, late diagnosed ADHD, and C-PTSD. I know what it's like to be in struggle mode, for things to be messy, and the process of healing. 

I have lived experience with how mental health challenges, chronic health issues, and being neurodivergent can impact our experiences, capacity to work, thought patterns, and actions. I'm currently completing an intensive ADHD coach training program, to add to my skills for supporting myself and my neurodivergent clients.

I would love to be on your team.

My only “rule” is that I only work with businesses that are already running, have a proven offer, and have made their first sales.

Most of my clients are running their business full-time, but I also work with motivated folks who are pivoting from another business, or are side hustling, or are transitioning out of a traditional career.

Yes, I have over 13 years of experience with instructional design and launches for online courses, group programs, masterminds, hybrid programs (and more) for myself, and with my clients.

If you need support designing or launching a learning experience, please choose one of the packages that fits the level of support you would like and apply above.

Hell no – and you should run from anyone who does. It's not realistic or ethical.

What I can do for all clients is help them see unexpected opportunities, to understand their choices, so they can make decisions that they love.

If that sounds good to you, you should apply to coaching.

Want more facts + figures?

or take the quiz

Kyla Roma is a strategist and coach on a mission to make marketing uncomplicated for online business owners.

She wants to bust your misconceptions and share practical next steps about what's required to become known and build a thriving online business that's bigger than you – and doesn't rely on you 24/7.

She's passionate about helping independent, kind folks like you to grow resilient businesses, so you can get back to what's really important: patting all the dogs you meet, tackling your next creative project, and pricing out tiny houses to work from.


There is ONE simple key to earning money on social media, and it’s what I call a social media micro-funnel. Build yours with me, in this free 100% educational workshop.

Common sense disclaimer: This is not a business opportunity. No income opportunity is being presented in this online class. You are registering for exactly what’s stated – educational training to assist you in getting more customers and members for your existing business. This is in no way associated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, or any other organizations.