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Why does our coaching and marketing strategy work? Our seven principles mean a different approach and results that create freedom for you:

Different > Better.

Different is memorable, and memorable brands thrive.

Set your standards high, but if you’re trying to be better than the competition you’re picking the wrong fight.

Better doesn’t stand a chance against different.

Prioritize profit.

Profitable businesses don’t happen by accident, they happen by design. Make friends with your numbers. They keep the lights on and let your work touch more lives.

And if you don’t love the results that your business creates, you can always redesign.

Screw busy.

Working non-stop isn’t hard. It doesn’t require you to be effective, creative or collaborative. It’s not fun, but it can make you feel important for a moment before the overwhelmed comes back.

I dare you to break the cycle. Chase your passions outside of work as hard as you hustle. A deep life deepens your work.

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