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Kerri Twigg was side hustling as a career coach, and wanted a plan to go full time in her business. We focused her marketing messaging on Instagram, and designed a way to be generous and guide people back to her paid offers. She launched her first one month challenge – and her business exploded. In her first year of business she was named the #1 Career Coach worldwide by LinkedIn and featured as a LinkedIn Top Voice later that year.​

Highlighted results:

  • Reached her six-figure income goal in her first seven months of business immediately following our engagement

  • Booked multiple keynote speaking engagements

  • Delivered a stunning Tedx Talk, “Burn Your Old Resume: The Future of Work is Here”

  • Thanks to her marketing, she was hired by Banana Republic and Gap and flown to their corporate head offices to create her signature quirky and brilliant videos for their staff

  • Kerri has gone on to publish her first book, The Career Stories Method



"Before working with Kyla, I wasn't paying attention to where my clients were coming from and actions I could take to keep them coming. Now, I know where my clients are coming from, and precise steps I can take to increase inquiries when I want to"

Krista Rae was a WordPress developer who had launched retainer services to create recurring revenue, but after months of sharing the offer her clients didn't seem to understand and weren't booking. After checking her offer to make sure it was amazing, the audit moved on to her sales page, and the sales emails she had been sending.

She made small copy changes to her sales page and emails to make them more emotionally relevant and specific to her clients experience. After publishing the changes, her clients and website visitors saw the value in the exact same offer. Now they couldn't get enough, and the bookings came pouring in.

Highlighted results:

  • Within three months, her new retainer packages were being snapped up by excited clients
  • The packages added over $45k per year in recurring revenue to her family's income
  • Krista had another $4000 of new invoices closing in related business, from clients who now understood how she could help them
  • Krista was able to expand her support team and hire five new contractors to help grow her business even more


“What I love about Kyla is how her own self-awareness and curiosity brings clarity and focus to her clients’ business models, marketing strategy, and messaging. Her work is deeply rooted in helping people see the opportunities for creating value that already exist—and innovating on conventional methods to make those opportunities work. Hire Kyla if you want compelling messaging and a profitable business structure.“
“Kyla helped me create a meaningful pre-launch email sequence that received open rates well over 30%. She helped refine my webinar so that it directly resulted in sales speaking directly to my ideal customer's desires. I tripled the number of buyers, booked two new 1-1 clients, and continue to get more inquiries for 1-1 coaching as a result of launch plan.”
“Kyla is everything she promises - and then some. She has a really unique combination of skills, abilities and a fantastic way of highlighting the most compelling things about my ideas. From my first connection online, through to the delivery of the new website, our work was high energy, dynamic, collaborative and fun. At every single step of the way Kyla was professional, but approachable, real, knew her stuff and totally exceeded my expectations. I have rushed to recommend her to anyone who is looking for creative marketing and PR in the ever-changing online world.”
Award-winning leadership and executive coach
“The way Kyla breaks marketing down, I finally feel like there’s hope for creating a reliable “tap” I can turn off and turn on and actually get consistent results. I’ve literally never felt excited to create a marketing plan in my life before this. You’re a genius!” ​
“By asking targeted questions and looking at my services in a new way, Kyla and I found almost $79k in potential additional revenue each year! With this new plan. I’ll still have lots of free time and flexibility alongside a business I love.”

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Kyla Roma is a strategist and coach on a mission to make marketing uncomplicated for online business owners.

She wants to bust your misconceptions and share practical next steps about what's required to become known and build a thriving online business that's bigger than you – and doesn't rely on you 24/7.

She's passionate about helping independent, kind folks like you to grow resilient businesses, so you can get back to what's really important: patting all the dogs you meet, tackling your next creative project, and pricing out tiny houses to work from.


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