Practical digital marketing for your online business.

Practical digital marketing for your online business.

You’re not a beginner
in your business anymore.

You’ve hit publish, gone live, invited people to work with you, and grown an audience. You’re so proud of how far you’ve come!

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You’ve developed deep relationships, own your area of genius, and have become a trusted advisor to the people you help. You’ve hit a rhythm in your business, and while there are still days where you’re on more calls than you’d like, your dream clients find you. And once they speak with you, they’re obsessed with your work.

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You know passive income is anything but passive. You’ve played with delivery methods to find what gets results and lets you shine, received tearful testimonials from members, and have learned from the track record of your past launches. You know how to serve and rally your audience, and you love doing it. 

But becoming known while running a business can get… complicated. 

Even with a clear vision of what your business could become, smart entrepreneurs still end up lost in a haze of details, questions, and overthinking:

  • What’s my plan to make next quarter more profitable than the last? 
  • Why aren’t I consistently following my plans, really?
  • Are my next-level buyers even where I’ve been thinking about showing up?
  • Why does marketing my business bring up so many freaking feelings?!

Sometimes you find yourself looking out over a sea of cluttered desktop icons, watching your to-do list get longer as your goals get farther away.  

You’ve tried leaving the job of marketing undone, and you didn’t like the results. You help less people, and your bank account suffers. You know it won’t work for the long term.

Here’s what I know about you:

  • You’re unwilling to settle for your current level of success. You have big dreams for the future, like hosting high end retreats, writing a book, having a tiny house in your backyard to write in, and more. You love what you’ve created… but you know your business could be so much more.
  • You find yourself getting pulled into day-to-day work, from customer service, to social media… and deep down you know that you’ve got to stop putting out fires, stop planning month to month, and get a system in place to make those five-figure income months your new normal.
  • You’ve got so many pieces of the success that you pictured when you first started, and you’re really good at what you do… but you’re too close to the daily challenges to see them with clear eyes and be the intentional leader your business needs. 
You’d love a compassionate co-conspirator and a step-by-step system to help you ace your marketing and smash your revenue goals.


I’m Kyla Roma (she/her). I’m an empathy-obsessed marketing strategist, a coach who can help get you out of your own way, and an invested business partner for hire.

In my spare time, I love journaling, taking mid-day naps, being with animals, and taking walks in my Canadian prairie city (Winnipeg!) with my family. I love learning about psychology, self-development, true crime, and reading historical fiction about badass feminists who were ahead of their time.

I’m a recovering perfectionist, and almost became a professional stage manager. I’m a queer femme lady, a wife, and a mother. I have chronic pain, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and bipolar 2 – which means self care is just as integral to my work as goal setting.

My specialty is helping kind, solo business owners who currently earn up to $300k consistently market their business and earn more money.

Since 2009, I’ve been a trusted advisor to over 600 clients. I work with service providers like web designers, therapists, copywriters, life coaches, as well as podcasters, digital product creators, course and membership creators. 

I know what it takes to build and run a small business, because I bootstrapped and grew a boutique web design studio for 5+ years. I’ve successfully pivoted my business multiple times, and have created systems to hire and train over a dozen team members in my own businesses.

Huffington Post named me one of the 50 must-follow women entrepreneurs in 2017.



My Assessments Results

My Assessments Results

peek inside my brain


Fascination Advantage

Known for: Leading with a bold and unconventional vision. Being unafraid to take the lead and propose a change. Entertaining and a fountain of fresh ideas.

Cliffton StrengthsFinder

  1. Relator – Forms deep relationships and values people
  2. Strategic – Sorts through clutter and sees patterns on the fly
  3. Activator – Wildly action oriented, was ready to start yesterday
  4. Maximizer – Takes good things and makes them irreplaceable
  5. Futuristic – Inspires others with their vision of what’s possible


Meyers Briggs

Known for: Leading with a bold and unconventional vision. Being unafraid to take the lead and propose a change. Entertaining and a fountain of fresh ideas.

Manifesting Generator

Human Design

Known for: Being a sensitive visionary, highly creative. Organized and enthusiastic. Starters who finish their projects.

Gemini Sun, Virgo Rising


Known for: Being playful, chatty, and intellectual helpers.



Kyla Roma Creative is proud to be LG(B)TQIA owned. We are actively committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We commit to practice anti-racism as a verb and work to provide a safe space for folx who are chronically ill, neurodiverse, LGBTQIA or disabled to truly thrive.

As part of that commitment, I donate 5% of every purchase of my program Uncomplicated Marketing Academy to Bear Clan Patrol. Bear Clan Patrol is an award-winning, local Indigenous led community patrol that minimizes contact between citizens and the police in my city Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

If anything here doesn’t enthusiastically align with your values, I encourage you to learn from someone who’s a better fit.

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Kyla Roma is a Canadian marketing strategist and coach on a mission to make marketing uncomplicated for small business owners everywhere.

She wants to bust your misconceptions and share practical next steps about how to become known and earn an awesome living. So you can get back to the important stuff: your pet, your people, planning tattoos, and pricing out tiny houses.


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