You’ve steadily put the pieces of your successful online business in place.

…while trying to ignore a sinking suspicion that you need to choose between:
a) Pouring eleventy billion hours into learning what actions consistently attract customers.
b) Having time to do basically anything else.

Already discovered and trusted by leaders like:

I have two critical questions for you:

(they're exactly what I'd ask if you had just opened up a Zoom call, and you saw me wave hello while holding a steaming cup of cardamom french toast tea)

Overachievers, grab your planner and make a quick list.


(I’ll wait.)

Got them? Ok.


  • Posting to social media? Publishing.
  • Using Canva to make Pinterest graphics? Publishing.
  • Wondering if learning Pinterest is a good idea? Publishing.
  • Stressing over the time it will all take? Publishing.
  • Planning what to share on LinkedIn? Publishing
  • Considering if you should start a podcast? Publishing
  • Questioning if you should start an email list?
    Only if you want to - also, still publishing!

I'm willing to bet publishing was over

0 %

of your list.

Especially if you're an online business owner, web or graphic designer, developer,
virtual assistant, coach, copywriter, therapist, photographer, maker,
podcaster, or course creator like most of my clients.

Here's the problem with that, that no one has told you about:

Publishing does not let you attract enough dream customers, clients, and followers to earn a solid living

Publishing alone doesn’t do that. 

Period, the end.

That does not work in 2020.

Not unless you already manage to trip and fall into a huge audience
or have a five figure monthly Facebook Ads budget to throw around.

Publishing is incredible and it can do many things for your business – but if you ask it to attract enough dream customers to support you?

It’s only going to disappoint you, chew through your calendar, and repay you with… crickets.


Publishing ≠ Growth

Publishing ≠ New audience 

Publishing ≠ Income

Which begs the question, even if only 30-50% of what you considered marketing this year is publishing, how much of

  • • Your marketing time does not get you in front of new potential customers?
  • • Your planning time does not get you in front of new potential audience members?
  • • The money you pay for scheduling services, stock images, and editing tools does not help you grow your community or income?
  • • The standards that you try to live up to actually move you AWAY from your goals?

…so if growing your business feels like an endless, thankless grind?

(Even if you’re not publishing anything right now) 

You're not the only one who feels that way.

The way you've been taught marketing is fundamentally broken.


I’ve been a consultant to leading online business owners, service-based business owners, freelancers, and course creators for over a decade.

In late 2018 I started seeing an overwhelming theme in my one-on-one consulting work, and in my network.

My clients and friends who were consistently fulfilled and financially successful had two things that others didn’t…

It wasn’t branding.
It wasn’t an elevator pitch.
It wasn’t more referrals.
It wasn't a funnel.
It wasn’t a perfect website.
It wasn’t systems.
It wasn’t a polished Instagram aesthetic.
It wasn’t value-based pricing.
It wasn’t precisely created packages.
It wasn’t even knowing the right people.

Having all that perfected won’t hurt your business, but it's not how kind, whip-smart business owners realize their dreams.

Fulfilled and financially thriving business owners have TWO CORE SKILLS:



And that lets them – sustainably – scale up from:

Which means they no longer need to worry about…

Would hurt my sales if I quit using Instagram? Or Pinterest?

Which habits will help me consistently hit my income goals?

How do I find and build an audience of my best customers?

How can I become known as a leader in my community?

How can I find time to work on my business… or to relax!

How can I start saying no more, so I have time for bigger goals?



What would change if you knew enough
people would discover your business next month?

Because it's not impossible or too much to ask.
Whatever "enough" means to you:

Consistently hitting your goals might mean:

↳ Hitting $3k+ months consistently

↳ Having 1-2 more dream clients or customers per week reach out to YOU and asking how you could work together

↳ Seeing new follows and mentions when you open social media, (so you know that it's not just your aunt seeing your posts!)

↳ Creating content and offers based on what your audience has been asking for – because that’s a thing that happens to you now!

↳ If you work with clients, starting to book projects out a month in advance, and then three months out in advance

↳ Checking off the steps in your plan for going full-time in your business, and planning when you'll make the transition

↳ Using your extra business income to fuel your book-buying habit, take online courses you've been eyeing, and spark meaningful friendships at conferences in places you’ve always wanted to visit. (Or maybe even *gasp* having a hobby you don't monetize!)

Having a way to consistently hit your goals might mean:

↳ Hitting $15k+ months consistently

↳ Having a plan for filling your funnel and list building that doesn't make you want to set yourself on fire

↳ Setting income goals, and having specific plans on how to break consistently break them

↳ Seeing follows, messages, mentions, and collaboration requests when you open social media that confirm that what you’ve been doing is working

↳ Hiring more support, streamlining your processes, and leveling up your systems, so you can focus more on what ONLY you can do

↳ Deciding which of the nonprofit/for-purpose organizations that you adore you'll donate some of that increased revenue to first

↳ Dedicating time to work on your mindset and fill up your cup… preferably while on a holiday in a gorgeous little Scandinavian style cabin you rented as a treat!

…And no matter what stage your business is in, when enough people consistently discover your business, you'll probably celebrate by buying that new planner or notebook that you've been eying, and grabbing some of really good cheese from the grocery store. 


Introducing the
Uncomplicated Marketing Academy,

a membership for dedicated business owners who crave a straightforward, researched based, practical plan to consistently hit their income goals.

This program distills everything that I’ve learned in a decade as a trusted advisor to 600+ clients, teacher to 2000+ students, non-profits, government agencies, and universities…

Into one complete, zero-fluff program for business owners who aren't afraid to try new things, do the work, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable long enough to learn what works for them. 

Stop spinning your wheels

Whether you want to attract more high paying clients, your first customers, or just plain more of who you already help. Ethically move customers toward your goals and make sure everything you do sparks joy.

Designed for micro businesses

You may be a company of one, or have the support of trusted freelancers. It takes an intentionally tiny business to create systems that actually work for them. If you can skip anything on your to-do list you want to know about it.

Never be lost for words

Create one evergeen marketing plan and funnel - then rinse and repeat. Leave with your new daily, weekly, and monthly routines handled. Always have fresh ideas to share on social with over 200 content prompts. Make plans that go beyond publishing and move the needle.

Take action immediately

Who HAS TIME to wade through a 12-week long course before they can start using the ideas? Get instant access to the marketing foundation workshop, create your system, and start using it that day. Then celebrate by unlocking one-year of access to world class support and coaching.

Whether you’re starting a new business, are side-hustling, pivoting toward your passion, or have been full-time self employed for years, Uncomplicated Marketing Academy will coach you through designing a custom marketing strategy so you can take back control of your business results.

“There aren't a lot of marketing programs that are about getting results from doing less. They’re all about maximizing – and that’s great, but it requires a lot of work. 

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy means having process that’s tailored towards being achievable, and not overwhelming. That's huge.”

– Clare Lewis, web designer

Your business is perfectly engineered to create its current results. You need a proven method to change them.

If we haven't properly met yet, hi! I'm Kyla Roma. I'm Canadian, I've been self employed for a decade, and I'm fascinated enough by marketing for the both of us. I play favourites with business owners who have a strong online presence, and service based business owners are especially close to my heart.

I'm not a marketing psychic – but I am creative, determined, and methodical. That's why I spent 11 months meticulously researching, designing, testing, and optimizing Uncomplicated Marketing Academy. 

I worked with leading educational design and community design consultants, conducted in depth qualitative research, interviewed past clients, ran two private pilot versions of the workshop, and relentlessly edited it down before making it available to the public.

The result is a proven, self-correcting evergreen marketing system that lets you do less, take control of your results once and for all, and truly thrive.

Member Breakthroughs

Click to enlarge

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy will add no-BS, actionable techniques to your toolkit so you can finally take control of how fast your business grows

The second you join, you'll get instant access to the Marketing Foundation Workshop. Enjoy tightly paced, hand-illustrated video lessons on:

  • The results oriented way run your own marketing (and still like yourself in the morning)
  • Which invisible marketing actions REALLY drive income
  • How to strategically turn potential customers and clients into excited buyers.
  • The one mindset shift that you need to make NOW to get better marketing results.
  • How to get more clients booked, or transactions completed, so you wake up to payment notifications - not those 4 am anxiety nightmares!
  • How to tell which numbers to watch and which you can safely ignore.
  • How to decide if you need an email list, social media, or both. (Or neither!)
  • The art of what to say and where to say it to create consistent income from the content you intentionally create.
  • What to do to consistently remind your audience how they can work with you… without feeling like you’re standing beside a highway with a sign that says “BUY MY STUFF!”
  • Which reliable success signals you should be looking for.

Then as you put your new evergreen customer attraction and conversion system into practice, a world of new questions will come up, like:

  • I think my client is ghosting me, what can I do to save this... without just quoting the contract to her like a heartless robot?
  • I'm getting less discovery call inquries this month - what should I change?
  • All of the sales and markets I was relying on have cancelled because of COVID-19, what the heck else can I do!?
  • I'm being active on Instagram, but I'm connecting with peers instead of potential clients. What should I change?
  • Where should I start with SEO?
  • Can I get a quick review of my LinkedIn profile?
  • I'm scared my prices are too high- what should I do?
  • Is Pinterest the next best "low hanging fruit" for me to take advantage of?
  • How do I tell my business partner that her work is off brand?
  • What's the best content to create when 99% of my available time is spent on client work?
  • How do I roll out value based pricing to my current clients?
  • How can I find what keywords my website is actually ranking for already?
  • I'm embarrassed - I designed my system, and then life happened. Could I have some coaching about getting started up again?
  • How can I sound less awkward when I transition from teaching to asking people to follow my account or subscribe?
  • Can you look at these numbers and help me project my income for next month?

Confidently answer those questions and improve your results by getting support that fits your communication style and schedule from our generous options, including:

  • 1-hour of group coaching
  • 20 minutes of one-on-one coaching
  • 3-hours of coworking & drop-in coaching
  • Private forum for business + marketing coaching
  • Live chat support with Kyla Roma

Every month, for one year.

(Because meaningful change is a marathon, not a sprint. You deserve a mentor and coach who has your back for the long haul.)

What exactly does your
one-year membership include?

The moment you join Uncomplicated Marketing Academy, you get instant access to…

  • 2-day Marketing Foundation Workshop

Create your complete, day-to-day evergreen marketing system that you can infinitely re-mix. Take as long as you need to move through the self-paced workshop, or set aside two work days and be done in a flash!  Here's what it covers:

Day One: Design Your System
  • ● Use your best past clients (or imagined ideal clients for a new offer) to form your Dream Client Committee to make marketing decisions simpler.
  • ● Define the attraction engine – how you’ll attract customers instead of waiting for them to find you – to take control of growth, and use your strengths so connecting with potential customers fun and energizing.
  • ● Map the steps in your customer’s experience to plan exactly how your customers will go from discovering your business to being excited buyers.
  • ● Learn exactly what you need to do and say on a regular basis to make it easy for eager potential customers to buy, and for you to make a solid living.
  • ● Check your system against reliable success signals to know you're on the right track – and if your business is uniquely complex, use the advanced trainings to capture it all and make it easier.
Day Two: Craft Your Strategy
  • ●  Uncover the hidden marketing actions steps that successful business owners take – beyond hitting publish – to build momentum and level up their bank account balance.
  • ●  Start to build your library of storytelling prompts to create strategic content that positions you as an expert and stirs desire for your work.
  • ●  Create an infinitely remixable, evergreen marketing routine to follow, so you never have to wonder when and how you’re going to attract new people into your world, or do your part to move them through your system.
  • ●  Build a visibility boosting campaign plan to power up the pace of your growth and make it incredibly easy to be proactive and consistent about becoming known – without having to start over (and over, and over…)
  • ●  Make sure your plans are humane, realistic and supportive. Decide what you’ll do when you can’t do much, how you’ll maintain your habit when it’s tempting to break it, and use the latest habit research to decide how you’ll make your progress impossible to ignore.
  • With live chat support from Kyla Roma

If you get stuck at any point, you won't be for long! There is a live chat icon on screen at all times that connects you directly with Kyla. Work through any questions or roadblocks with live support, and if Kyla isn't online your message is emailed directly to her. A personal reply, and often a video message, will light up your inbox shortly!


I value follow through, and I want to see you succeed so I've added a huge incentive to actually do the work. Every single client needs to show me their work when they finish the workshop. Only then do you unlock exclusive coaching, world class support, and tools designed to reduce your workload.


Click each item to expand and learn more…

Where: 20-minute private video calls
Third Wednesday of the month from 9 am – 4 pm Central time (show me in my time zone)
Recorded: Record a own copy on request

Your opportunity to get one-on-one support. We use proven strategy that works across businesses and niches to get you unstuck, clear, and back to over-achieving.

Slots are 20-minutes long, and booked on a first-come, first-served basis. Calls are unrecorded for confidentiality, but you may record your own private copy on request. Calls are hosted on Zoom, you may phone in if video isn’t an option.

(Wondering if this is sustainable? Once Kyla’s time fills up, we’ll hire another dedicated coach for you.)

Where: Online in student portal
Always available

If you're working on the Top Of Funnel Toolkit tools, watching coaching call recordings – or just want some private coaching support?

Log into the student portal and use the live chat icon that's on screen at all times to connect directly with Kyla. Work through any questions or roadblocks with live support.

If Kyla isn't online your message is emailed directly to herm and a personal reply, and often a video message, will light up your inbox shortly!

Worried that this isn't sustainable? Additional coaching support is already at the ready to expand the coaching team in response to demand.

Where: Online in student portal
Always available

Need coaching between calls? Submit an anonymous question about marketing, clients, or your business, and receive coaching in writing from Kyla.

Read other people’s questions to learn from them and get clarity – without the anxiety and distraction of more Facebook Notifications, alerts, and emails.

Where: 60-minute group video calls
First Wednesday of the month at 10 am (show me in my time zone)
Recorded: Yes, recordings available within 24 hours

Kyla teaches to kick off every call – and then this group call is all about you. We use breakout rooms for smaller group discussions and to get to know each other.

Get live coaching, answers to your questions, experienced strategy feedback, simplicity focused ideas for ways to get more from your marketing, and help getting unstuck.

Calls are hosted on Zoom, you can also call in if video isn’t an option. If we have extra time, we switch into coworking mode and you're invited to stay or work with Kyla.

Where: 3-hour long group video calls
Third Wednesdays of the month at 10 am (show me in my time zone)
Recorded: Unrecorded

Ah, enjoy the sweet accountability to actually put your business on your calendar! Complete a monthly review in your #Goals planner or batch your upcoming marketing content.  This is the perfect accountability device if you're an obliger in Gretchen Ruben's Four Tendencies framework.

At the start of the call, we share what we’re working on and then check in every 30 minutes to stay on track. The calls are 3 hours long to make sure we go deep and get meaningful work done! ;)

Get stuck or run into a dead end? Hop into a private room with Kyla to talk through it, and then keep moving forward. Calls are hosted on Zoom, you can also call in if video isn’t an option.

Where: 3-hour long group video calls
Third Wednesdays of the month at 10 am (show me in my time zone)
Recorded: Yes, recordings available within 24 hours

Hit the reset button, reflect on what worked, what needs to change, and what’s crucial for your big picture success and rest in the coming quarter.

We’ll create a relaxed, supportive space to dream big and set goals for our businesses, then break them down into actions and connect live with other engaged do-ers.

Coming to calls is not your new part-time job. There is generous support available to you so that you can mix and match to get the level of support you need at any time.

 A wide variety of support options ensure that none of the support options are overloaded. Members don't need to hope they'll be heard among hundreds of students. Be heard. Receive powerful coaching. Build momentum.


One year of access to bonus tools to make daily marketing easier for busy business owners. All tools and trainings work directly with and enhance your finished evergreen & remixable system. Most are downloadable.


The practical business and marketing planning tools to turn your dreams into goals, and break those goals into actionable steps. Get organized, with a mission!

Click each item to expand and learn more…

Get nerdy about planning with this monthly & quarterly digital planner. Reflect on what happened, and how it felt, set goals for the next month, and set a big picture intention for your business every 90-days.

Love physical planners? Same, friend. Print it and let it change your life.

Hate math? You won’t when you understand how many people you actually need to reach to hit your income goals. Use simple, plug and play calculators to take the mystery out of marketing, project your results and your income.

See the cross-platform publishing schedule of your favourite social media mentors broken down into the UMA system. Understand exactly what kind of content works for them, where they’re active online, how their social media channels support each other, and how often they ask their audience to take action.

Making use of what you have is a crucial skill for having a sane life, and stepping off the content creation hamster wheel.

Learn how to mix down, by turning one email into dozens of social media posts and how to mix up, by taking content you’re already creating (I’m looking at you, Instagram) and knit it together into longer form content like blog posts and emails.

Emphasis is put on using free tools to build a workflow and library for this outside of paid software that you don't own.


Gain the psychology and mindset skills needed to keep showing up, and to keep choosing to follow your plans. Stop being in reaction mode. Start being courageous enough to fail as you find what works for you – and then use that to be unstoppable.

Stay on top of your goals and mindset by building up your self-coaching skills with a beautiful, guided interactive questionnaire to get you unstuck every Friday.

Feels like too much? You can opt-out and resubscribe at any time.

Audio recordings of pep talks to talk you through all the roadblocks and frustrations that online business owners run into: Getting out of overwhelm, when you’re frustrated and not on track with your goals, if you’re questioning, stuck in comparison & more.

Learn how to use the CTFAR self coaching model to level up your thinking, understand why your business is stuck at its current level of results, and how your current roadblocks is your map to becoming who you're meant to be and the business you're meant to have.

Learn the game changing, practical tool that will help you choose thoughts that will fuel you to accomplish your goals and earn a solid living. (And SO much more than that! But it's a great place to start.)

The more uncomfortable you're willing to be, the more you're going to grow. The more you grow, the better life gets Take the challenge and stretch your comfort zone by doing 100 Hard Things that take you closer to the business you want to create in the next 365 days!

Submit a completed challenge tracker to be admitted into the 💯 club, and be receive a celebration gift in the mail

These are tested, proven strategies to build an audience of people interested in working with you – if you call them clients, or customers. These work for online business owners, service based businesses, course creators, digital product makers, artists, creators, Kickstarter, Patreon, and podcasters.

This program and the following these tools are NOT for influencers or businesses without a strong online presence and that do not want a strong online presence.

Step-by-step platform specific strategy guide on how to attract potential buyers (not just passive fans!) from Instagram. Learn how to avoid attracting an audience of your peers, rather than potential clients, and what it looks like to use IG when you're focused on account growth instead of content creation.

Learn the hashtag strategy I use for reliable, organic +30% month growth, why you need to get into the DM’s, how to transition to your call to action without being awkward, and how to do that and what your personal explore page tells you about the algorithm.

Step-by-step, strategy guide on how to attract interested potential buyers to your online presence using Pinterest. Leave this workshop knowing exactly how to get started or how to grow your account.

This workshop demystifies everything you need to know about being found organically, by the right people, and includes video training from industry leading Pinterest consultant, Kathryn Moorhouse and shares Kyla's insights on growing a following of over 140k followers.

Step-by-step strategy guide on how to use free, no-tech tools create content that will get you in front of interested potential buyers in Google.

Includes training by expert Cinthia Pancheo who routinely gets clients in front of over 200% more people after they implement this low energy, nearly one-and-done strategy.

Step-by-step strategy guide on how to use Facebook Ads to grow your list and close more clients.

Includes guest training by Facebook Ads expert Claire Pelletreau, host of the Get Paid podcast and ad manager to 7 & 8 figure clients, like Jasmine Star and Brooke Castillo.

Step-by-step strategy guide on how to close clients, start collaborations, and make business owner friends. This workshop explains pitching podcasts as a way to grow your business, and what that looks like for the guest, author and business coach Christine McCallister.

Includes detailed video and the exact podcast pitch template Christine has used to land hundreds of interviews, and connect with hard to reach thought leaders like Ariana Huffington.

Small audiences can earn you a great living – but studies show that potential buyers need to see you as an expert and feel certain about the results that you can help them accomplish before they’ll buy.

These are content prompts, ways to seed your expertise, and positioning tactics that will make it easy to seamlessly and ethically meet your that psychological need of your audience.

Know what to say to get people to take action! These swipeable scripts increase your visibility by casually and consistently sending genuine “show more of this!” signals to algorithms BEFORE you ever ask your audience to buy.

These tiny actions – which you'll see other people doing nonstop as soon as you learn them – will make your content creation efforts go farther, and make sure that when you have something important to share? It gets seen.

Are you telling stories that benefit your dream clients and position you as their ideal advisor? Use these to find new ideas to build their relationship with your brand, through any content creation platform you use – or even in conversation.

Teaching potential clients is an amazing way to create value for them – but you can do this in a way that helps your business, or means your followers never feel the desire to buy from you.

Instead of giving everything you do away for free, use these adaptable examples to shift your teaching style so you help others, and also increases the value of your paid work.

Especially on social media, our audience is there because they’re bored. They're looking for distraction and entertainment! Use these prompts to keep it light, and uncover ways to be entertaining while staying on brand.


…Without wanting to set yourself on fire!

Learn the selling skills that Kyla has used to sell $20 products and $10k+ packages. Understand how to quickly earn trust (without being a psychopath about it) and start closing sales using active listening, empathy, stirring desire – providing genuine value.

The most successful businesses run visibility boosting events a few times a year, but it’s hard to get started. With your new marketing strategy, you’ve already creating a visibility campaign schedule, so let’s put it to use!

These eight email campaign ideas would let you run a client attracting event each quarter for two years. If email isn't your thing, then adapt them for social media!

Ever wish you could stop selling? Learn how to harness email marketing to create a selling machine. Create a completely automated system to position you as an expert, help clients, and regularly ask your emails subscribers to work with you – without having to stress out and ask them (or “launch”) every single time you want an income boost.

Selling by email can be intimidating, and if you’ve never had people asking to buy from you by email, it’s hard to know how to start!

This step-by-step guide walks you through creating your own sales sequence of up to eight emails that sell your program effectively, ethically… and that you can program to sell on autopilot with the “Hire Your Newsletter” Simple Sales System.

Is your core offer not selling like it should? This process, based on the acclaimed Jobs to be Done framework teaches you how to use research to adjust signature offer to be more tempting to potential clients.

This is the exact, data driven framework used to create UnComplicated Marketing Academy.

Is your sales page working hard for you or against you? Use this tested, proven sale page template to makeover your sales pages so they’re written and presented in a persuasive way that showcases their value.

It can be awkward to sell on social media without sounding forced or pushy. Adapt this swipe file of creative, practical ways to sell smoothly on social media and relax knowing that you’re never going to be stuck again.


Stop guessing and back up your decisions with data. Marketing magic, it's math. Responsible business owners slow down and find a simple way to look at the data on hand before they make changes and choices.


Where do most of your sales come from? Do you know which pages on your website attract the most potential buyers? Are they updated to work hard for your business? Are there any social media platforms you can quit, without a negative impact on your business?

This training helps you set up simple, free tracking systems so you can easily understand what works for YOUR business, today and in the coming years.

To improve your results, you need to be able to see how your evergreen marketing system is performing. This results tracker will let you focus on whats important without getting stuck in the weeds.

Perfect for empowering you to make choices confidently – and for bringing to coaching calls, or one-on-one office hours sessions.


Learn the methodical, step-by-step process to identify where a problem is happening, and fix the problems that hold most business owners back from earning more and helping more people.

When you want to attract more clients and earn more, it can be hard to know what actually needs to change or be improved. But from emails to Instagram, to LinkedIn, or 1:1 Networking outreach – there are clues. 

This teaches you a simple, methodical way to pinpoint where the issue is happening in your funnel or in your marketing system, so you can find the right solution, or bring that super specific questions to coaching.

Many expensive offers or large packages start with a free discovery call, or sales call.

Adapt the exact, no-pressure call script that I used to build a six-figure business with authentic, fun no-pressure sales conversations that sold over 80% of the time.

Your testimonials can make selling your work dramatically easier… if you use them the right way!

These powerful prompts allow your best customers to speak to the hidden doubts that your potential clients and customers have when they consider working with you. These prompts are topped off with a step-by-step system for how to ask respectfully, and make it dramatically easier to grow a collection of glowing praise that sells, so you don’t have to.

Make the most of the people who find your site, by making it as easy as possible for them to see that you’re EXACTLY who they’ve been looking for – and take action.

If your website isn’t booking clients and selling for you, don’t spend thousands on a designer. Use this checklist first, and fix the most common “I can’t believe I didn’t notice that?!” mistakes that block subscribers and sales. 



Secure your invitation to a live round of UnComplicated Marketing Academy! Refresh and adjust your marketing strategy in a two-day, online workshop that will get you excited about growing your business again.


Bear Clan Patrol is a grassroots effort of volunteers who walk inner city streets in my city (Winnipeg, Canada) year round. It is a vital indigenous led response to the staggering epidemic of murdered and missing indigenous women in Canada. They provide direct non-violent, non-threatening, non-judgmental support, and conflict resolution.

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy is the strategy, self-coaching, and support you're craving.

Start being discovered by dream clients and customers, and make a solid living with an intentionally tiny business. All by being yourself and serving a smaller audience than you think you need!

The value of this program is over $7k USD

Cash Flow Friendly

At no extra cost
$ 199
three payments (USD)

For absolutely everything:

The marketing foundation workshop

Live video and phone business coaching + marketing consulting with Kyla Roma for 40 weeks of the year.

Coaching live chat + forum between calls – or for introverts!

✓ The self-coaching and mindset support you need to create lasting change now and beyond this program.

✓  Over 30 tools and trainings designed to make marketing easier and win you better results

For $199 today, then two more payments 30 days apart.

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos
  • Secure online checkout
  • 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee

Pay in full

And get a bonus gift!
$ 597
per year (USD)

For absolutely everything:

The marketing foundation workshop

Live video and phone business coaching + marketing consulting with Kyla Roma for 40 weeks of the year.

Coaching live chat + forum between calls – or for introverts!

✓ The self-coaching and mindset support you need to create lasting change now and beyond this program.

✓  Over 30 tools and trainings designed to make marketing easier and win you better results

Build a branded visual marketing dashboard 

Swipe my gorgeous marketing planning dashboard that lets you visualize your entire evergreen system, plan profitable, generous content your audience will love, and feel like the badass business owner you are. Includes workshop and the exact customizable templates shown above. ($200 value)

For one payment of $597 + get the visual marketing
dashboard templates and training free

Merchant Equipment Store Credit Card Logos
  • Secure online checkout
  • 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee

Doors are open for a limited time

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy's “Ridiculous Value” Guarantee

I know what it's like to buy programs that don't follow through on their promises. UMA is not that, and I'll prove it to you…

Join for 90 days, completely risk-free.

Try it out for an entire season. Complete the foundation workshop. Attend coaching calls. Use the monthly planner. Cowork with us. 

If after spending a quarter in the program, you don't feel like it has over-delivered value based on what you paid? Submit your completed work to show that you used it, and I'll happily issue you a refund.

Hear from UMA members

Press play to hear their unedited experiences.

This has helped me learn how to attract more people who actually pay me.”
– Kristin, Course Creator + Podcaster

“Uncomplicated Marketing Academy eliminates the overwhelming aspect of running a business and doing marketing.”
– Courtney, nutritionist

“I love that it's called Uncomplicated – AND IT WAS. And I appreciate that you don't promote yourself as “get your next 6 & 7 figures!”… I experience you as a real human, meeting people where they are in their business… You're REAL!”
– Nic, empowerment coach for moms

What else do real clients love about UMA? Well...


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 You'll leave the 2-day foundation workshop knowing:
Exactly where you will (and won't) market your business.
What the steps are in the journey from someone discovering you to buying.
How often you will post free, public content.
What kind of content you will post to position your brand so it attracts buyers.
What to say in that content.
What behind-the-scenes actions you can take to actively attract buyers. (This is SO GOOD!)
What your normal, day-to-day schedule of posting & growth actions will be.
Exactly what you would do in a visibility campaign to grow your audience.

You're covered! The workshop is self-paced, so you can start and finish it at any time. You can do it 15 minutes at a time if that works better for you.

The workshop doesn't go away. As long as you're a member, the workshop will be in your client portal and you can revisit it any time.

The two-day time frame is a reference to how quickly it's possible to finish it in, but it's available to you to start on whatever timeline works for you. Our current record holder completed the program in four hours. Most students take 8-12 hours.

Nope! There is a wide range of coaching and support available to you, to make sure that you can pick and choose the support that works best for you. Members are encouraged to use what they need, and leave the rest. 

Additionally, if you want to attend and never turn on your video, or just listen? That's absolutely encouraged. You're the expert on what you need.

If you can't attend any of the calls, or don't like the idea of a live call, you can still get coached – the Ask A Coach forum and live chat are there for you to receive written support at any time.

Gosh, heard! There is a lot of ableist, privileged junk out there isn't there?

This program is focused on sustainability, and on making sure your plans are real-life proof at every turn. The program helps you do that through self-reflection and making sure you're taking your individual needs into account.

My teaching is also rooted in my experience as someone who is a trauma survivor with bipolar 2, generalized anxiety disorder, and depression.

That means that I treat self-care and down-time very seriously in my work – because I know what it's like to be unable to function when I slack on them. 

Basically, I get it and I would love to help you win in it alongside you – on your terms.

I have direct experience as a marketing consultant and business coach to clients who are:
● Working on earning their first $1k per year.
● Already earning $250k per year.
● Full-time self-employed.
● Side hustling.
● Non-profit or for-purpose organizations.
● Service providers.
● Digital product creators.
● Course creators.
● Brick and mortar business owners

I have helped business owners who are:
● True soloprenuers
● In business partnerships
● Working on hiring their first assistant
● Managing large teams

I am already familiar with the following industries:
● Ads management
● Authors (self published and traditional)
● Bakers
● Bakery owners
● Bloggers
● Branding
● Business coaching
● Community management
● Copywriting
● Documentary Photographers
● Family Photographers
● Filmmaking
● Fine art
● Graphic design
● Life coaching
● Marketing coaching
● Marketing consulting
● Naturopathic medicine
● Nutritionists
● Online business management
● Physical therapy
● Private practice therapy
● Private tutors (k-12)
● Productivity coaching
● Search Engine Optimization
● Social media management
● Speakers
● Virtual assistance
● Web design
● Web development
● Wedding Photographers
…and more!

And yes – Uncomplicated Marketing Academy can help all of these kinds of businesses.

The guarantee is designed to completely take the pressure off you because I know this will help you if you apply yourself.

Join for 90 days, completely risk-free. Try UMA out for an entire season. Complete the foundation workshop. Attend coaching calls. Use the monthly planner. Cowork with us. 

If after spending a quarter in the program, you don't feel like it has wildly over-delivered value based on what you paid? 

Submit your completed work to show that you used it, and I'll happily issue you a refund.

Hiring out your marketing before you understand how to do yourself seems like a great idea – but it's truly a trap.

Even if you don't want to run you own marketing forever, Uncomplicated Marketing Academy allows you to set up a system that you understand.

If you just contract marketing help without that, you are completely dependant on freelancers. You'll have no continuity over time. You'll be unable to provide meaningful feedback to them when something needs to change, and you won't have the skill to improve the results of your marketing.

Instead, you can use UMA to set up a system that you know and understand. Your system is an asset that creates ongoing value in your business, and it's something that you can train people on, so changes in staffing don't mean your marketing grinds to a halt.

(Hint: If you train your VA – or someone else – in your system, a seat for them is provided in the course. And you can have them attend the coaching calls instead of you!)

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy would not be a good fit if you're trying to attract people:
  • ● who don't use social media or email at all.
  • ● who you don't know how to reach.
  • ● who you wouldn't be willing to speak with so you could figure out what they need and where they're looking for solutions. 
Otherwise, it could be a great help. Early on is a great time in your business to join UMA. So many people end up getting distracted by pouring time into branding, creating perfect packages, or developing elaborate websites instead of what actually keeps their business healthy.

Focusing on attracting customers and clients, and then learning about them and listening to them directly is exactly how I would build my business if I was starting from scratch today. (And it's how I built this program!)

It wouldn't hurt your business if you had that set in stone – but it's definitely not a requirement.

In terms of an offer, you would need to know is roughly what you're going to sell, for example: “a senior photography package”, “websites” or “apple pies”.

If you have that, the short video lessons and worksheets will help you take that and turn it into a remixable marketing plan – and more importantly, a habit in your life!

 Oooh, I wish I had a magic answer for you! Part of the magic and frustration of running a business is that our results all come at a different pace. 

If you do your mindset work and consistently show up for your business, then results WILL follow. But truly, no one other than your customers or clients can show you what the timeline will be.

(I would be wary of any teacher who WOULD tell you it will take X number of days. That's a red flag, in my opinion.)

The thing that I try to remember is that the time will pass either way. You can either move toward your goal with support, a proven strategy, coaching, and accountability… or you can do it without that.

The question I would encourage you to grab your journal and think about is: Do you think you'll be more likely to succeed with or without that support?
Yes, there is. When you join, the foundation workshop is the thing you do. When you need help, you ask a question with the live chat. 

Once you've completed that, you unlock the rest of the program. That includes coaching and the Top of Funnel Toolkit bonuses that will be added monthly.
Because the bonuses are being released throughout 2020, there will be a lot in there at the end of the year (and a formal roadmap through them added) but for now it's very intuitive as-is.

All the bonuses that are included in the Top Of Funnel Toolkit will plug directly into the finished system in a very intentional way. They each complete the very specific “jobs” that the program is designed to complete, to make sure that it all works together cohesively to solve the problems that business owners who are running their own marketing have.

Here's what I mean:
The content prompts become evergreen, remixable prompts that you use to create content. The ways to sell are adaptable scripts that you can use any time your plan says that you'll be selling. The “Get clients” guides are ideas for what growth actions that you can take on a daily and monthly basis.

They all help to build out one, complete, evergreen & remixable system.

Absolutely. Your access covers two seats for team members or partners in your business. Just reach out to when you join, and we'll get your partner set up!

I like how you think! For many self-employed people, continuing education and consulting are tax deductions. That's a great question to ask your accountant! 

Great! Email me at

Does this all sound great, but it's just not the right time?

Heard. You're wondering if you're ready… or you need a paying customer first… or a finished website… or you're already considering working with an expensive coach… or maybe you've banned yourself from buying courses…

Let's be real. There are literally hundreds of reasons you could do something other than joining Uncomplicated Marketing Academy. Up to and including a freaking pandemic. (2020 is incredibly rude.)

Before you say no – or not yet – think about your business. And think about the business that you want to create.

Then consider: what will it cost your business if you don't make a change?

Will you be working with your dream clients if you don't learn how to fascinate them? Will you be able to make the income you want, if you don't have a practical, step-by-step strategy to attract customers and close more sales? Do you truly believe that these problems will go away on their own?

Or, you could have UMA helping you.

You could build a sustainable, evergreen system to allow you to reach your dream customers again, and again, and again. 

You'll have thousands of dollars worth of business, marketing, and sales tools, and templates. And over 200+ remixable content creation prompts so you always know what to say. You'll even have the strategy and templates to build a sales system that continually sells for you, so you can focus on other things.

And you'll have the confidence of unmatched access to the right coach for you, for an entire year.

Uncomplicated Marketing Academy is an incredible value, averaging out to only $50 per month. But the price will absolutely go up, and the doors aren't always open – so don't wait too long.

Enough already, I want in!

Cash Flow Friendly

At no extra cost
$ 199
three payments (USD)

For absolutely everything:

The marketing foundation workshop

Live video and phone business coaching + marketing consulting with Kyla Roma for 40 weeks of the year.

Coaching live chat + forum between calls – or for introverts!

✓ The self-coaching and mindset support you need to create lasting change now and beyond this program.

✓  Over 30 tools and trainings designed to make marketing easier and win you better results

For $199 today, then two more payments 30 days apart.

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  • Secure online checkout
  • 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee

Pay in full

And get a bonus gift!
$ 597
per year (USD)

For absolutely everything:

The marketing foundation workshop

Live video and phone business coaching + marketing consulting with Kyla Roma for 40 weeks of the year.

Coaching live chat + forum between calls – or for introverts!

✓ The self-coaching and mindset support you need to create lasting change now and beyond this program.

✓  Over 30 tools and trainings designed to make marketing easier and win you better results

Build a branded visual marketing dashboard

Swipe my gorgeous marketing planning dashboard that lets you visualize your entire evergreen system, plan profitable, generous content your audience will love, and feel like the badass business owner you are. Includes workshop and the exact customizable templates shown above. ($200 value)

For one payment of $597 + get the visual marketing
dashboard templates and training free

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  • Secure online checkout
  • 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee

Doors close soon

For best results, approach this program like you would a university program. Study it and apply the concepts and you could see amazing results – but only you are responsible for your business results. No results are promised or guaranteed, because outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within our control. We avoid forward-looking statements as much as possible, but should you find one, it is an expression of opinion about earnings potential.
Testimonials and examples used on this page and in promotional materials for UnComplicated Marketing Academy do not apply to all people. You should not expect the same results as the testimonial-giver unless you have the same business and apply the same time, effort, energy, and resources to the same opportunities.
Use your own best judgement, just like you do in the rest of life. My hope is that this program allows you to do that with more insight, clarity, confidence, and camaraderie.