Instagram can feel like a lot when you’re trying to create content, write captions, find your best posting times, and use the right hashtags, and over time it’s easy to forget to ever update your Instagram bio. But your bio is the best way to tell potential customers and followers who you are and what you do, and if left unchecked for long enough, it can start to cause real problems!

Today I'm challenging you to jump in and take action: Take five minutes, right now, and make your Instagram better.

Are you in?

In the five minute challenge today I'm going to teach you how to update your Instagram bio so it's more fascinating to your ideal clients.

With a bio that’s strategically written with your follower in mind, when your right people find you on Instagram, your bio is like a light bulb going off for them that they’re in the right place. It immediately jumps up, greets them, and puts your best foot forward- even while you're re-watching Wes Anderson movies, sipping on craft beer or a new cocktail creation, or coaxing the kids into bed.

Why is your Instagram’s bio area so important?

Because your followers aren’t following everyone and they’re looking through hashtags and Stories to find the people they want to connect with. Your profile is one of the dozens of feeds that they’ll see today, and most followers stick around for moments before they head to the next Instagrammer.

Your Instagram bio is one of the first places potential followers will glance to find out who you are and what you do.

(That's code for “making a split second decision about if they can relate to you.”)

Five Minutes to an Instagram Bio That Will Stop Your Ideal Follower in Their Scroll

1. What do you do?

The people looking at your profile are savvy and moving fast. You need to reaffirm those basic aspects of who you are to potential followers. Think customers will know just from looking at your photos? Maybe, but help them understand the why behind the photos and the more descriptive details of what you do that a photo can’t convey.

Make your answer as simple as possible! Answer in 3 words or less.

Examples: Sales coach, Fashion influencer, Website designer

2. Who is your ideal reader?

Think about generally who your followers are, in terms of the common thread they share. Are they similar ages or locations, or are they all looking for the same experience or to have the same problem solved? What attributes do members of your audience share that’s relevant to what you do?


Sales coach: My ideal follower is a small business owner looking to convert more of their leads to paying customers.

Fashion influencer: My ideal follower is a twenty-something who loves following the latest fashion trends and styles.

Website designer: My ideal follower is a blogger or entrepreneur wanting a new site with bold colors.

3. What do you help them do?

What do you post about on your Instagram that’s going to help your followers? The trick here isn't to describe what you do – so steer away from job titles and descriptions of your skills or the product of your work unless you make something physical – and to describe the change you create for your followers or clients. You’ll want to keep this short to fit into the character limit.


Sales coach: I post tips and scripts to help business owners nail their next sales call.

Fashion influencer: I show fashion savvy twenty-somethings the latest trends and where they can buy them.

Website designer: I post website designs that give bloggers and entrepreneurs inspiration for their next site.

4. Use a call to action that tells potential followers what you want them to do next.

Think about the first step toward working with you and what that looks like. Is it a free download for them? A sales call? Listening to a podcast you were featured on recently? Put it in your link section of your bio and then tell them to click it! Be concise but descriptive in how it will help them.


Sales coach: Download my free sales call script.

Fashion influencer: Read the blog for my 5 favorite pieces this week.

Website designer: Schedule a call to talk about your next site.

5. Put it all together!

All right, let’s pull it all together and make your bio shine! Bring your answers together, keep them short so your bio doesn’t look like a huge paragraph, adjust them so they feel right to you and then copy and paste it as your new bio. Consider using emojis if you’d like!


From just a sales coach, to:
*Sales coach
*Tips and scripts to nail your next sales call
*Download my free sales call script

From just a fashion influencer to:
👡Fashion influencer posting the latest trends for fashion savvy twenty-somethings
👇🏼Read the blog: My 5 fave pieces this week

From just a website designer to:
Website designer for bloggers & entrepreneurs
Sharing inspo for your next site
Schedule a free call with me!