So here's the thing: Sometimes I'm not very good at being a girl.

I'm good at a lot of the parts of it, but looking well pulled together and cute in the way I dress isn't really something I do on a regular basis. I'm kind of relentlessly awkward. It's a good kind of awkward – a Hel Looks, vaguely boyish, confident kind of awkward that I'm really comfortable in, but this summer I want to have a more in my closet than skinny jeans, cardigans and t-shirts to draw on every day.

I've been trying to start looking a little more fashionable for the past couple of years, diligently sorting through my drawers to get rid of things that just don't work or that I just don't wear, and only buying things I really love that will last. And now that my basics & foundation pieces are covered? I want sun dresses. And not just any dresses, I want unique ones that suit me, that I can be comfortable in, that are fun, and that I can love.

What better way to re-vamp my summer wardrobe than by making it a challenge? So I'm resolved to buy (& show you) one new or thrifted dress every month until the fall comes around.

And without further ado, here's Dress Number One!

Dress Number One:

Ideal for attempting to train feral dogs in

{bought new for $60 by fatfatprince}

Want an excuse to buy or just show off some dresses & have some fashion posts on your blog this summer? Grab a badge and play along!

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