For a long, long time I've wanted to start taking road trips. Big, giant, crazy, ridiculous, time consuming, old fashioned road trips. I've always loved the pace of long drives, how the landscape changes and you get to see things you would miss out on otherwise. The diners and funny shops owned by someone's aunt are my favourites.

For a long time, I've tried to synchronize watches with my work & home so I could carve out exactly enough time to go somewhere a little farther than into the northern most central states America has to offer. But it always seems like that kind of time commitment is better spent flying to see family in other parts of the world, or like the timing won't sync up no matter how I try to force it. A Big Proper Road Trip is a commitment, and while you may not lose your luggage it forces you to change your pace and live outside the normal passage of time, in a place where rest stops and airstream trailers rule.

This winter, I tried again. I wound my watch and held it up against all the other schedules I'm tied to- and in May? There was space! And not just a little space, but ten days of it! And not just over any weekend, but over my twenty fifth birthday!

Where are we going, you ask?

And I can't wait!

We're spending a big chunk of time tucked away in an amazing rural space, nestled into a tiny cabin between breweries and diners, and the rest will be spent on the road, reconnecting with old friends, listening to public radio and reading. I can't even fathom about how amazing these ten days will be. It will be relaxing, rapid fire, and two days after I come home I'll be getting my tattoo.  /happy sigh

I love planning these things, but I need your help! Do you have any recommendations for shops or restaurants in Seattle, Vancouver, or Calgary that I need to visit? I can google all I want, but you have the best taste- please give me your suggestions! They might even show up in a video blog down the road…. =)

{images: rushmore, seattle, vancouver, calgary}

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