When I was growing up my mom went on some extended trips to India, and every time she came back her bags were overflowing with beautiful things for my sister and I. There were rugs, giant block print sheets, gorgeous notebooks full of thin pages, hats and saris- and eventually these wood block stamps made their way back to the Canadian prairies.

I used to play with them when I was younger, and you can still see the technicolor stains on the small ones that were my favourites. They make beautiful patterns and I wish I had a whole case of them that I could use! I love the carving details on the larger stamp and the tiny wild shapes of the small stamps. My favourite detail is the writing that’s on some of them. I’ve been saving them to use for a special client’s website or blog design someday, or to make a notebook cover with their patterns for myself. I can’t wait to really use them like they’re meant to be used…

I think my favourite detail is the writing that’s on a few of them- I wonder what it says, and if it’s a note from India or between my sister and I from forever ago. For now, I think that little mystery just adds to their beauty.

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