There are a lot of things to keep track of when you have a blog, and over time something is bound to get lost in the shuffle. But when you’re the only person fanning the flames, when you leave any piece of your passion project alone for long enough, it will start to cause real problems!

Today I'm challenging you to jump in and take action: Take five minutes, right now, and make your blog better.

Are you in?

In the five minute challenge today I'm going to teach you how to update the short bio in your site’s sidebar so it's more fascinating to your ideal clients.

With a bio that’s strategically written with your reader in mind, when your right people find you online your writing lights up like fireworks signaling that they’re in the right place. It immediately jumps up, greets them, and puts your best foot forward- even while you're re-watching Wes Anderson movies, sipping on craft beer or a new cocktail creation, or coaxing the kids into bed.

Why is your blog's bio area so important?

Because your readers aren’t reading, they’re skimming – and fast. Your site is one of the dozens of websites that they’ll see today, and most readers stick around for moments before they leave a site.

Your blog bio is one of the first places your reader will glance to find out what your blog or website is about.

(That's code for “making a split second decision about if you are right for them.”)

Not sure what I mean by a short blog bio? Many blogs have this in their sidebar and they're a perfect jumping off point to for your bios on any social media platform.

Five Minutes to a Blog Bio That Will Stop Your Ideal Reader in Their Tracks

1. What do you do?

Your visitors are savvy and moving fast! Let’s restate the most basic aspects of who you are to your website readers. Think your readers will read between the lines? Then include this because it also tells search engines and potential readers who you are, so you have a chance to show up when they search for what you do!

Make your answer as simple as possible! Answer in 3 words or less.

Examples: Horror writer, Fashion blogger, Print designer


2. Who is your ideal reader?

Think about generally who your readers are, in terms of the common thread they share. If they share similar ages, maybe they're twenty-somethings. If your readers are all seeking a specific kind of feeling or experience, they could be adventurers. If your readers share a common career, they could be lawyers or freelancers. What attributes do your readers share that’s relevant to what you do? 


Horror writer: My ideal reader is an avid reader, seeking some adventure.

Fashion blogger: My ideal reader is a twenty-something who's stumped when it comes to fashion.

Print designer: My ideal reader is a pop culture geek.


3. What do you help them do?

What does your blog or website help your reader with, and how do you deliver that? The trick here isn't to describe what you do – so steer away from job titles and descriptions of your skills or the product of your work unless you make something physical – and to describe the change you create for your readers or clients.  


Horror writer: I write stories that let my readers escape everyday life.

Fashion blogger: I teach fashion stumped twenty-somethings how to shop their closets for outfits and how to discover their personal style.

Print designer: I create posters that let fans and geeks bring their fandom into their homes.

4. Pick one or two adjectives that vividly describe the experience of how you do that for your ideal readers.

Think about the feelings you want to create in your readers, and the flavour of the experience you offer.



Horror writer: harrowing, chilling

Fashion blogger: classic, polished

Print designer: minimalist, stylish tribute


5. Put it all together!

All right, let’s pull it all together and make your bio shine! Bring your answers together, adjust them so they feel right to you and then copy and paste this so it’s the first paragraph (or only paragraph!) of your new bio.



From just a horror writer, to:

I'm a horror author who writes harrowing stories that lead my readers on chilling escapes from everyday life.


From just a fashion blogger to:

I'm a fashion blogger who teaches fashion stumped twenty-somethings how to shop their closets for polished new outfits and how to discover their own classic personal style.

From just a printmaker to:

I'm a print designer who creates minimalist posters that let pop culture geeks create stylish tributes to their fandom in their homes.