Swipe my 5 easy ways to attract dream customers on social media
  • You'll leave this 100% educational workshop...
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  • Knowing how to stop feeling like you need to keep endlessly posting and hoping... while you wonder if anyone is even buying right now. (They are!)
  • Knowing EXACTLY how to make your time on social media help you hit your business goals. Without selling or sleaze.
  • Inspired by step-by-step tutorials of proven, bank account boosting strategies for IG stories, IG feed, LinkedIn, YouTube & more!

I'm Kyla Roma – an award winning marketing strategist, toddler mom, and my family's breadwinner. Since 2009 I've helped 600+ online business owners FINALLY get traction.

My highest earning clients share ONE secret: a Social Media Micro-Funnel

It's easy, uses NO tech and costs nothing to start attracting dream customers with it. 

Start attracting dream customers – for free in 1 hour – with my Netflix style, on-demand workshop:

Common sense disclaimer: This is not a business opportunity. No income opportunity is being presented in this online class. You are registering for exactly what's stated – educational training to assist you in getting more customers and members for your existing business. This is in no way associated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, or any other organizations.

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