Meet our new Hedgehog family member, because why not.

Sometimes life takes very unexpected turns, and right after my last post my life took an unexpected & delightful one. Also? A little prickly.

A pet hedgehog who was abandoned by her owners outside was found in someone’s front yard and taken the the Winnipeg Humane Society. She had been starving for a little while because she never learned to hunt, and was in need of a forever family. My sweet friend Holli sent me a link to her posting, and I adopted her first thing the next morning!

I love animals, and I grew up reading Wind in the Willows and Beatrix Potter, so hedgehogs and rabbits are among the animals I can’t help but picture in a waistcoat or making tea. I’ve always been fascinated by them, and a hedgehog fits into our family perfectly.

Sometimes fate is pretty darn adorable.

So, friends? Meet Ramona.


  • Treats
  • Napping in the crook of my arm (She PURRS!)
  • Running in her wheel like she’s qualifying for the olympics
  • Snuggling inside of my hoodie, where it feels very safe
  • Cuddling with our dog Mal, the moment he realized she was an animal and not a toy, but was still using self control to contain his barking


  • Noises other than Kyla’s voice
  • Movement that is unexpected (see: most movement)
  • The veggies that accompany her food, which she mostly doesn’t not consider food items
  • Mal’s barking, which started the moment he realised she is a new animal in the house & didn’t have to use self control to contain himself anymore


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