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Moments From The Weekend + Diner Love

This weekend went by quickly, but was filled with lovely discoveries. My little dogs had been grouchy and territorial with each other and us, which fell away into them cuddling up on guard in the window and watching birds fly by. I got a big project taken care of for Indie Business: Compass, which now includes a PDF version of the course for download, and celebrated by taking all of Sunday off to re-charge my batteries by skyping with my friend bridget, planning my blog posts while piled under blankets, knitting, snacking on popcorn from a pretty Pyrex, reading about the Romanov’s, and make some spur of the moment muffin baking magic.

It was pretty much the weekend of my dreams!

Since my sweet friend Amber moved from the seaside to the prairies to work with me, we’ve had a weekend tradition that has become the highlight of my week: Saturday Brunch. We’ve been trying to hit places that are more off the beaten path, and it’s had me falling in love with my city all over again. This weekend we went to the Black Sheep Diner– a tiny  place that feels like eating in a friend’s house. I had a goat cheese, roasted tomato herb and garlic omelette that was one of the best breakfasts that I’ve ever had. And it cost $11. I’m not an omelette person (I’m barely an egg person) but it was a delightful surprise and a heavenly way to start a weekend.

Do you have any weekend traditions?

More importantly, have you thought about adding goat cheese to them? :)

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  1. I love your Pyrex! Clearly not the main point of this post, haha. Mine was my grandmother’s so I adore it, but it is brown which is not a “colour” I’ve ever been crazy about. I love using mine though, because I think of her mixing up something or putting popcorn in them & it makes me feel warm & happy.

    Anyway, that sound like a wonderfully lovely weekend. I need to come up with some good traditions for ours since we moved! ;)

  2. There are few trials and tribulations in life that can’t be made easier to deal with by the addition of goat cheese.

    And now I really want an omelette…

  3. Lindsay

    Totally checking out that black sheep diner- yum!!
    Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  4. Mmm goat cheese on an omelet, delicious! I love omelets. Especially with pico de gallo. Glad you guys had a good, relaxing weekend and glad the beasties are behaving themselves.

  5. I will surely be adding goat cheese to my weekends. YUM. Also, I started knitting again last week and it looks like we’re using the same color/type of yarn, haha!

  6. That omelette sounds and looks delicious:)

  7. My weekend ritual mainly consists of writing my thesis for a few hours. To sweeten the deal, I go to the amazing cafe round the corner and treat myself to fresh juice and cake while doing it.

  8. San

    Goat cheese is THE BEST.
    I had chile rellenos with goat cheese a couple of weeks ago. Divine! :)

    I love the Saturday morning brunch tradition… we used to do this for a while. I wish I had a girlfriend to do this with :(

  9. what a lovely weekend! i love your pyrex :)

  10. Brunch is definitely a must for me on the weekends! My husband and I always try to find brunch drinks, a porch in good weather, and get friends to pass a leisurely morning with us on Saturdays.

  11. Mmm, Brunch is awesome! I used to have a group of friends that would meet for brunch one Sunday a month. Then everyone but me and another girl moved away. :( I should really try to reinstate that tradition, even though it would just be 2 of us instead of 5…

    My weekends are filled with studying these days, but I try to make one really yummy meal as cooking is so calming for me!

  12. mm that looks delicious! i’m abit wary of goats cheese but warming to it in the right amounts!

    that knitting looks gorgeous, pretty colour.

    I’m just about to post a few pics of my weekend, lazy pottering days and often with popcorn (im addicted!)


  13. There’s a lovely little brunch spot here in Boston called Cafe Luna that has an omelet with goat cheese, caramelized onions and sweet potatoes…so delicious! And that really is such a fun tradition, I love it. :)

    (also—muffin baking magic? please share the recipe, I’m always looking for new ones!)

  14. Sounds like a lovely weekend :)

    I would really enjoy hearing about your other bruch-ventures..seeing as I am in the prairie city as well I would love to hear where other people are eating!

    • Definitely! I’ll keep blogging them as we go- for another off the beaten path suggestion, The Tallest Poppy is amazing too. In both places I’d go early, we had to wait for 5 – 10 mins for a table at each, but they were both so lovely I didn’t mind at all :)

  15. beautiful bits and pieces

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