This weekend went by quickly, but was filled with lovely discoveries. My little dogs had been grouchy and territorial with each other and us, which fell away into them cuddling up on guard in the window and watching birds fly by. I got a big project taken care of for Indie Business: Compass, which now includes a PDF version of the course for download, and celebrated by taking all of Sunday off to re-charge my batteries by skyping with my friend bridget, planning my blog posts while piled under blankets, knitting, snacking on popcorn from a pretty Pyrex, reading about the Romanov’s, and make some spur of the moment muffin baking magic.

It was pretty much the weekend of my dreams!

Since my sweet friend Amber moved from the seaside to the prairies to work with me, we’ve had a weekend tradition that has become the highlight of my week: Saturday Brunch. We’ve been trying to hit places that are more off the beaten path, and it’s had me falling in love with my city all over again. This weekend we went to the Black Sheep Diner– a tiny  place that feels like eating in a friend’s house. I had a goat cheese, roasted tomato herb and garlic omelette that was one of the best breakfasts that I’ve ever had. And it cost $11. I’m not an omelette person (I’m barely an egg person) but it was a delightful surprise and a heavenly way to start a weekend.

Do you have any weekend traditions?

More importantly, have you thought about adding goat cheese to them? :)

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