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17 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers ready to step up their networking

No matter how rewarding or busy your work is, being a full or part-time stay-at-home entrepreneur gets lonely. And lonely is bad for business! It’s important to make community a priority, and not just because you can check “networking like a boss!” off your To Do list when it’s a priority.

Community is crucial to your growth as a business owner.  Without it, you’re missing out on referrals, collaboration opportunities and informal learning and development. And that means you’re missing out on income you could gain from referrals and honing your expertise.

Even better? Feeling supported and valued can make a huge positive impact on your state of mind, which makes you better prepared to take on new challenges and risks.

17 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers ready to step up their networking game

What are Facebook groups, exactly?

If you’ve taken an online course in the past several years, you may be part of a Facebook group with other students. Those groups are great, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. There are many that are completely free and open for you to join – even if they don’t look like that at first.

To help you uncover more free Facebook groups, I’ve made you a quick video tutorial on how to search for them and how to apply to join them:



17 Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, freelancers and bloggers ready to step up their networking:

  1. Being Boss – Originally formed around my friend Kathleen Shannon’s wonderful Being Boss podcast, the Facebook group has grown to provide community, support and networking opportunities to a wider community.
  2. Blogging On Your Own Terms – Blog expert Daniela Uslan runs a large, vibrant community for bloggers. This group is especially helpful for building shares and comments of your work, and for new bloggers looking for help.
  3. Babes Making Things – Easily one of my favourite group on Facebook, Babes Making Things is full of smart women from all walks of life. It’s full of top bloggers, artists and newbies alike and has an inclusive, encouraging tone. If you feel like blogging is exclusive and crave some real talk, join up.
  4. The Rebel Speaker – If you speak as part of your work, or are exploring teaching and speaking as a career, The Rebel Speaker is the place for you to connect, gain confidence and own the stage.
  5. Marvelous Brand Builders – Need to workshop your branding? Suzi Istvan’s got you covered. Share what you’re working on in your business, get feedback on what’s not quite working, and grow an even stronger version of your business.
  6. Blog + Biz BFFs – Run by Melyssa Griffon of the popular blog, The Nectar Collective, Blog & Biz BFFs is the community side of her site that’s full of bloggers and business owners. This is a great place to add value by helping others and sharing advice.
  7. Unstoppable Design & Dev Crew – Erin Flynn is our to make designers and developers unstoppable! And she’s just the lady for the job. This group is all about advice, input and professional networking for designers and developers of all stripes.
  8. Blogging Boost – Ready to grow your blog and have almost 10k new friends to bounce ideas off of? Blogging Boost is a large, active group, that can get you answers, input and feedback – fast.
  9. Creative’s Corner – Looking for creative support and to nurture your entrepreneurial spirit? Creative’s Corner is all about empowering, inspiring and engagement in its community.
  10. The Blog Loft – For bloggers who want to grow their blog, The Blog Loft is a great place to start. Aside from weekly participation threads, it also encourages sharing giveaways and discounts, along with guest posting opportunities.
  11. Freelance to Freedom – Leah Kalamakis’ community is all about freelancers (and freelance hopefuls) supporting other freelancers. This is a place for helpful resources, referral opportunities, being of service and helping new friends.
  12. NiceOps Planathon – This free planning group is most active between October – January, and is packed with value! Amber McCue hosts the annual Planathon where videos are posted every day during the planathon week, and participants are encouraged to spend a bite sized amount of time on planning to prepare for the new year.
  13. Shelancers – At the time of publishing this group is under 200 members, so if you’re looking for a community where you can make personal connections, this could be just the place for you. Shelancers is for freelancing ladies to get support, community and feedback.
  14. Freedom Hackers Mastermind – Kimra Luna has made a huge splash over the past year with her business success, and her Facebook group is a vibrant, active community for working through your ideas, getting feedback and networking with other engaged entreprenures.
  15. Simplified Systems – Wish running your business was easier? (Who doesn’t?) This group supports business owners in created streamlined systems to run their businesses with more ease and less hassle.
  16. The Marketing Moxie group for Entrepreneurs – Do you need somewhere to talk about promoting yourself without feeling salesy, or making your next big thing even bigger? This group helps you bring more attitude to your work and to your marketing.
  17. Daring Creative Workshop for Business and BloggingThis is the group that I run for business owners and bloggers who are ready to be a little more daring, and get their message out into the world! We have themed sharing days, monthly free skill swaps between members, and twitter chats using the hashtag #daringcreative. We’d love to have you as part of the community!

Nine Tools for Small Business Owners and Bloggers

I have a confession: I’m a tools and services junkie. I love trying out new things, seeing what works for me and what I can add to make my work run smoothly with less effort. When I find see the words “tools for small business”? Generally, I pounce.

For me, the challenge isn’t finding a service or tool that does the job right. It’s picking just one tool and sticking with it!

It’s taken me years to find a suite of products & services that work together beautifully for my blog & business. Since I always have a suggestion for what could help other people, I’m always being asked about my favourite tools and resources.

So I’ve made a resource page where I can share the favourite parts of my blog & business toolkit with you!


Nine tools for small business that make your work run like clockwork. Resources, services and tools for bloggers and small business owners!

It includes some favourites that you’re probably familiar with, but I’m willing to bet that some of them will be new to you too.

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Take the un-30 day challenge for growing your blog & business

Lately my coaching clients and I have kept coming back to two questions:

  • What do you want your business or blog to look like in a year?
  • Why do you want that, and how do you need to act now to get there?

I’m all about getting results and making things happen – but with me it always comes back to the long view.

Here’s why:

30-Day challenges for your blog or biz are like joining a gym the week before your wedding. There’s a better way to create lasting change. Click to tweet it!

I’m a bridesmaid in one of my best friend’s wedding’s this weekend so I speak from personal experience.

I’m all about a good challenge to kick-start new behavior and fast results, but they tend not to stick unless something in us shifts.

Take the un-30 day challenge for growing your blog or business with Kyla Roma

For many of us, in a year we want to have a bigger business or blog. More followers on social media, more subscribers, and more people sharing our work.

I want to have that too – but before we jump into a frenzy of list building, it’s worth asking yourself, what exactly does bigger mean to you?

“Bigger” can mean so many things, including:

  • More financial stability for yourself and your family
  • Deepening your understanding of the purpose of your work
  • Creating a more rewarding, impactful relationship with your customers
  • Building your own Scrooge McDuck style money room
  • Committing to more follow through and follow-up in your work
  • Creating more time for friends and reflection
  • Being unexpectedly delightful to your readers, customers and clients

Knowing this matters because you need to make different decisions and take different actions to arrive at those different destinations.

Often we chase bigger because we’re trying to stay busy and hustle. If bigger is partly about how other people think of you, proving your worth, or about fear it’s worth asking yourself how that feels to live.

Don’t forget that you get the incredible freedom to choose what you chase every single day!

My anti-30 day challenge to you is to take a moment every day this week to decide to grow your business and your blog based on your definition of success.

Be curious, start testing what gets you results and keep making decisions that reflect what you crave, not what you see other people doing.

This week I’m launching a year-long mastermind group for bloggers and business owners who want growth on their terms.  It’s called Captivate & Convert and includes monthly coaching calls and private chat all year. You can think of it like having a highly invested blog and business think tank at your fingertips.

It’s about being incredibly committed to helping others and doing what matters to you.

It’s about creating a business in the size and shape that’s right for you.

Does your website stand out, drive sales or both?

If you want to have a solid income from your side hustle, or create a business that supports and creates freedom for your family, hard work isn’t good enough.

Though, if you have ideas on who could set up a meritocracy for smart, kind, wildly attractive people like us? I will join your letter writing campaign.

For small business owners, creative entrepreneurs and freelancers who rely on our websites and social media presence to create awareness about our services, hard work is important but it won’t get you booked out.

Here’s why:

Your business only becomes a game you can win when you have a system that turns attention into subscribers and customers.

(Now that’s worth working hard on! Click to tweet it.)

You’re diligent, high integrity and committed to helping people. So shouldn’t your website be too? This isn’t about hiring a fancy designer, it’s about making sure that your work is being served by your online presence.

The truth is that websites and social media presences that aren’t designed to turn attention into customers on purpose can take all your hard work and grind it away to nothing.

That’s because without a website that turns strangers into clients you’re like the saying about a tree falling in the forest: if you work hard but no one’s around to see it, did that hard work ever happen?

Many of us instinctively know that our business needs to sell for us, and sell well, but when it comes to what you should do about it? It’s hard to know what the best next move is, and it can feel like you need to hire a freelancer to do anything at all!

It doesn’t have to be confusing, and I want to help you stop the guesswork.

On Saturday, September 26 I’m offering a free, live digital strategy webinar on how to turn your website into a client magnet that makes you more sales.

Reserve your seat!

You’ll learn:

  • The three questions each page on your website needs to answer for visitors
  • How to stand out from your competition every time & be remembered by your readers
  • How to spot and solve website problems that you may not know you have
  • How readers see your website completely differently than you do, and what to do about it

And we’re not going to talk about rules, or how to have a cookie cutter website. These are principles and recipes that you can make completely your own while saving time so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

I’ve used my website as a cornerstone of how I make my living since 2009, and I’ve spent years working behind the scenes as a consultant and designer for clients like Sarah Jenks, A Beautiful Mess and And Then We Saved.

Until now, my experience has only available to my private clients but I’m going to take you through everything you need to know to make sure your site is working for you and your clients.

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Digital Strategy Case Study: And Then We Saved

Last week I challenged you to consider that your business could be much close to its next breakthrough point than you think. Depending on where you are in your journey, your next breakthrough point could be:

  • Getting booked out for the next three months.
  • Sending the first draft of your book your editor.
  • Raising your prices and finding your first client who knows you’re a steal, can’t wait to pay – and actually follows through!

The problem is that when you’re in the middle of working on your business or your ideas, it can be hard to see how close you are to getting traction. And that’s not because you’re bad at this – it’s just that in the moment there’s so much fighting for your next 5 minutes of attention, it’s tough to step back and see the big picture of what’s holding you back, what you can drop and what the best next move is.

It’s a challenge that I like to think of it this way:

Uncovering the next move for your business is like being a detective. The clues are everywhere once you learn how to look!

Click to tweet it! “Discovering the next move for your business is like being a detective in a mystery novel. The clues are everywhere, but can you see them?”

(You get to be any detective you like, but I called the Box Car Children. Yes, all of them!)

Last year I was working with my client Anna, the amazing woman behind the blog And Then We Saved. We were focusing on ways to put her community more front and center in her brand. If you haven’t discovered her blog yet, the brand is all about saving money with no apologies and lots of attitude. She started a blog about cutting down on expenses and created a way to help her readers get started by challenging them to take a spending fast. Readers love taking the free challenge and her work has attracted  media attention from Psychology Today, The Washington Post, Good Housekeeping, CNN and Glamour magazine.

Anna’s site is a perfect example of how, when you hit a decision point, the character of your business writes the rules of the game.

The character of your business is one of the most important tools you have, and it holds the answers to questions like “What’s next?”, “How can I make this feel natural?” and “How should I promote this?”. The best part is that it’s always there for you to draw on, no matter how large or small your business is. To take it back to pop culture, if we were in Harry Potter, the character of your business is your marauder’s map.

As Anna and I worked on plans for growth and the community, I kept coming back to the most essential parts of the brand’s unique character:

  • If it was a person, what would it throw down and fight for?
  • What causes does it champion?
  • Who does it want to protect?
  • Where will it never go?

(This is where a digital strategy grows from and what positioning your business is all about.)

Anna’s site has a scrappy, DIY attitude and is relentlessly community centered – right down to the name And Then We Saved.  Knowing that led her to simple questions, “I wonder how much the readers have saved so far? I wonder how much they save each month?”

As we talked about ways to put the community’s savings front and center through her website, options emerged. We could build a fancy technical solution that would tally up the savings. We could build a membership site where users could log in and update their savings. There were dozens of possibilities.

We brainstormed all kinds of technical solutions, but in practice they would have been expensive (which is out of sync with the brand) and added complicated steps for the readers. Those two strikes were about as close to a guarantee that an idea wouldn’t work as I could see.

To try to break through, I asked myself why we wanted a high tech solution. Could there we a way to stop looking at a low tech solution as a weakness, and turn it into a strength?

So I asked, what if she gathered the amount readers saved through comments on a page of her website, and then announced it as a community accomplishment though the year? It wouldn’t be as accurate, but it would give a baseline for her community’s hard work and was about as DIY friendly as you can get.

We immediately pounced on the idea, and within the a few hours of work Anna had a mini-banner under her blog’s banner and launched the feature with monthly announcements. She had also uncovered a huge accomplishment.

As of September 1st, 2015 her readers have saved over $836,355 USD. That’s a huge accomplishment that would have been invisible without strategic thinking on her side.

Now, before you say that this was obvious in hindsight, let’s go deeper!

It can be hard to put your finger on why one strategy works and another won’t – and this feature has been a hit for a few different reasons that all go back to the core character of the brand:

  • By celebrating follow through and action on the brand’s values, it gives them more integrity and meaning.
  • It’s satisfying to celebrate a win! It emphasizes the power of the community and of taking action.
  • The feature draws focus back to the core values of the brand, reminding readers of the big picture of why they’re persisting even when it’s hard.
  • It makes an abstract process (your ongoing choice to save) and the changes it creates more tangible and dramatic.
  • It creates anticipation and a focus point that motivates readers to stick with the system.

Your business already has exactly what it needs to succeed

2015 has been a year of change and possibility in my business, and in the past few weeks I’ve been a little more quiet online. I’ve posted less, stepped back from social media as I’ve savored the last days of summer and been at work planning the rest of the year.

I’ve also been celebrating. Last week I completed my Quiet Power Strategy™ licensing work, which makes me a business strategist! I’ve been working, but also getting out to experience life exactly as it is right now. I’ve also reflected on the work I’ve put in to build my new work as someone who helps bloggers and small business owners.

I started this year by leaving my previous business and finishing work with my final my website design clients. Ending that service was a big mental shift for me. It was how I started working for myself and in the last months that I offered it, it earned me $26,000 USD. After working so hard to build that business, leaving the certainty that money represented was tough.

I loved working with small business owners, but I was thoroughly burned out on web design. I was ready to have stability, to make things easy for a while so my husband and I could start our family.

A sort of and just for now mentality will eat away at your business and your future if you let them. Kyla Roma

I also wasn’t ready to settle.

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Will your business be a success story or a sob story?

Wow, thank you all to everyone who came out to the training webinar last weekend! We had a great turn out and talked about how to sleuth for content in your site that could be ready to turn into an online course, eBook or other premium content.

Doing my first webinar was a great reminder of how knowing the difference between what’s important and what’s urgent in your business is crucial to your success.

This week, I’m keeping that going by teaming up with Halley Gray from Evolve + Succeed. She’s a marketing expert who is going to blow your mind, and we’re inviting you to our free joint training on Sunday, August 23rd:

7 key components to being an online
success story as a coach or blogger

So what’s the difference between urgent and important?

It is hard to stay focused on the big picture when you’re knee-deep in writing, putting out fires and helping your customers or clients. Usually these are in the urgent category.

Urgent work is loud, has firm deadlines, is hard to ignore, and flashes notifications on all of your devices. It hits your inbox, makes your heart beat a little faster and you can probably knock ten of them off your to do list every day. (Only cause you’re so pro!)

But what’s important for building your business, whether you’re an Etsy artist or a brick and mortar store owner, generally looks very different. Important things are relationship building, product creation, leaning new skills and setting up systems to run your business.

Important things can wait, or fade into the background. Sometimes they look optional, or like they’re a good idea that would add too much to your plate if you jumped in todau. Important things are harder and need more effort. They take up one line on your daily check list, but can take hours to make a dent in them.

One isn’t better than the other but they both need your attention if you want to find customers or clients, create something they love and build an online presence that they love. For my business, the webinar was a big step in the right direction that I’d been putting off, and creating a public deadline was the perfect way to guarantee my follow through.

I think it’s crucial to get comfortable making choices about what to focus on, taking chances and challenging yourself. And when I start moving away from that, this is what I remind myself:

I have to act like my business life depends on what I do today, because it does.

This isn’t about how much you have in your bank account, or your followers. This is about good old fashioned numbers that sometimes we creative types are too upbeat and aspirational to talk about.

I’ve worked for myself and written online since 2008 and only a handful of the blogs, businesses and incredibly talented people I followed just five years ago are still doing their thing. 

I’m sure that you have a similar experience as a reader, too. To be clear, pivoting or doing different things doesn’t mean that someone has failed. Working for someone else isn’t settling, and working for yourself isn’t the answer to all problems. But if you want to start a business or work for yourself and stay that way, this is something you have to consider:

If you want to be a small business success story, you can. But first you have to start questioning the common knowledge about how to do business.

Most people work hard to look successful in the short term, but then ultimately fade. This is why so much of the popular advice that’s out there won’t help you grow a business you can rely on. And I’m excited to have an amazing resource that’s going to help you create that!

I’m teaming up with a blogger and marketing mind I really admire, Halley Gray from Evolve + Succeed to give you a free training webinar on Sunday, August 23rd that you’re going to love:

7 key components to being an online
success story as a coach or blogger

We’re going to teach:

  • How to set up your business to multiply your success
  • Why expert strategies haven’t delivered results for you, and what to do instead
  • How to be one of the people who makes it and outlasts the competition

We’re going to share hugely valuable, straight talking, experience based insights that you can put to work in your business right now.

How I monetized blog posts & created a profitable side hustle

This coming weekend, I’m doing something that I’ve never done before.

I’m offering a free training webinar on Saturday, August 8th.

I’ll take you behind the scenes in my business and show you how I took a few quirky blog posts and turned them into a successful online course. It’s all about how I monetized blog posts by using them to inspire an entire course.

I’m going to teach you how to look for opportunities in your business, blog or passion project in a new way – like a strategist!

It’s a game changing shift that can unlock opportunities you’ve overlooked until now. It’s really fun – like being a detective in your business or blog.

We had a great time at the training! Click here to:

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Last winter I started my training as an apprentice digital strategy & business coach with thought leader, Tara Gentile. This month I’m completing my certification and I’ve been thinking a lot about how I can help as many people as possible with all of this new know-how, motivation and inspiration.

I’m so excited to be able to offer free, live video training as part of how I work, because I want to make it easier for you to win at business and this is of the best ways I know to do that.

When I started working for myself I remember there were times when I would search online and wonder how there was a whole internet of information, but it still seemed like there was no one who could pull up a chair next to me and actually help.

I  want to make sure that you don’t feel like that.

Your questions might be tough, but they’re also figure-out-able!

I have a chair free next to me, and I would love to help.

How I turned weird, niche blog posts into a $3k month

The webinar is going to share the step-by-step story of how I turned a passion for organization, craft, and DIY (which, you might have noticed, isn’t even the topic of my blog!) into a blog posts, which then turned into a profitable online business.

We’ll cover:

  • How to find posts that could turn into a business idea.
  • How this works beautifully for low-traffic websites & blogs. (You’re not too small!)
  • How to test and validate interest in your idea before you invest time into your idea.
  • How to decode feedback on your idea, so you don’t invest time or money into an idea unless people are excited about it.
  • How to approach selling from the perspective of being profoundly helpful can make selling online something you’ll look forward to.

This is especially for anyone with a low to medium traffic site who wants to jump into monetizing their blog in a meaningful way, but isn’t sure how to start.

We’ll also have a live Q & A that will last as long as you’ve got questions.

We had a great time at the training! Click here to:

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Today is the last Thursday of the month, so we’re throwing our monthly twitter party this afternoon – and there’s going to a big surprise at the end of the party that will be a huge help to your business or blog.

I’ve never done something like this before, and you’ll want in on it!



The surprise is live! I’m offering a free webinar training on how I turned a weird, niche blog post on organization into a business, and will share how you can do the same thing too. Click here for the details!


Twitter Party Blog Announcement

The news will be released early to the twitter party attendees, daring creative Facebook group, and to email subscribers.

Can’t attend? To get your invitation to the group, click here and sign up for email updates. You’ll be taken to a thank you page with your invitation & will hear about the news as soon as it’s public.

Wondering how to join a Twitter party?

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