Weekly Weak Knees is a round up post of the “currently loving” section in my sidebar, where every day I share something I lovely.  I always add in some irresistible extras too :)

This is what I’ve been loving this week- click on the pictures to explore…

via Sometimes Sweet

Tons of tasty snacks that are filling and healthy that I can barely wait to try

A quick quilted iPad tutorial that would be great for first timers and easy to adapt

So cute! I think this is even Katrina worthy which is the mark of a very fine bow tie, IMO

An exquisitely made dress from Lana & Kat- a mother and daughter company (how dreamy!)

Mollie’s blog is full of charming project ideas & these dominos aren’t short on her unmistakable style

She. Is. SoIncredibly. Fun! Great vintage, photography & the modelling! My goodness- enjoy :)

via Decor8

Snurk bedding is an ingeniously playful take on knits & crochet to keep you cozy

Jen’s blog is for the “skint yet stylish” (oh, the UK!) and her sweater makeover adds edge to a thrift find

A beautiful illustration that makes me want her scarf… and her bangs… and long hair!

Simple and understated, along with some Intimidating Scissor Skillz on display for the logo & trackpad

What did you love about this week?

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