Last winter Mister and I decided to move from just buying wine here and there to building up a stocked bar in our house. Talk about good decisions! While it started out with martinis that I couldn’t even moderately enjoy, my mixology skills have increased by leaps and bounds since then, and finding fun drinks has been something of  a game for me.

This spring I’ve been feeling playful. Give me fizzy sips of jewel toned drinks that are simple to make, and I’ll show you some girl bonding time about to happen.

My two current favourites are a basic Tom Collins & a Raspberry Cocktailmajig. You can’t get more light and summery in my books- and don’t forget that you can always skip all the alcohol and have them with the juice and club soda. It’s like having a pop with almost no sugar, what’s not to love?

Both are so simple you won’t need the recipes, but just for fun…

download the Tom Collins Recipe here & download the raspberry vodka cocktailmajig here

Patio season & fun bubbly drinks like these are some of my favourite spring rituals, what are yours?

{images: herehere}

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