The days since the double loss have been a bit uphill, but I’m happy to be feeling more like my normal self and all the sweet messages everyone has sent have been just the loveliest. I’m so lucky to have amazing blog & twitter friends- who are also amazing friends, full stop. I’ve been messaging & visiting the blogs of everyone who reached out to me through twitter & my blog over the weekend, and it’s been fun to explore so many new blogs with such great hearts behind them.

It’s funny to me that a week after I posted about how much progress I’ve made with my anxiety that something big and unexpected would happen and tip the scales! It was a little challenge that took a lot out of me on the weekend, but it was a great reminder that happiness is a choice and sometimes even a struggle- and that puppy cuddles & donuts with rainbow sprinkles are a good investment when I need a pick me up :)

This week is blog design launching week in my world- I’m working on finishing up three projects that I’m excited to reveal. Right now I’m living on skype – with clients and developers – and in checklists – covered with inky finger prints- and am working on a new slate of new posts for March, including some really fun tutorials, knitting updates and giveaways. I’ll be back to my normal posting really soon, and I can’t wait!

Thank you again- and if you’re having a hard (or just tiring!) week I recommend try a donut with rainbow sprinkles. If that doesn’t work, I’d be happy to let you cuddle a dog or teach you to knit ;)

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