Recently Leigh-Ann & Kelly Ann posted their six confessions, and I couldn’t resist! I had to jump in, so here are mine (only I’m done five- one for each heart in my picture!)…

  1. After two years of never even seeing her leave the house, I recently made friends with the crazy cat lady who lives down my street. She has purple hair and feeds squirrels from her kitchen window… and she’s awesome! We have back lane chats and she’s really funny, and after the first time I met her I was so excited that I called Jesse- after two years of wondering who lived in the hoarders style house up the street it was like meeting a celebrity!
  2. I’m a nap monster. I love working super hard for 4 hours and then curling up into bed and drifting off to sleep for a while. I have my work/nap schedule every weekend, and it’s my favourite treat.
  3. Speaking of weekends, I’m a little weird about accidentally falling into routines that I like. My most recent lunch craze was having quesadillas every weekend from September… until December! I guess I just know what I like?
  4. I just caught on to streaming TV online, and I’m getting way too addicted. After years of rolling my eyes at the Kardashians? I watched the whole second season of Kourtney & Khloé Take Miami this weekend while catching up on my e-mail. I don’t know if I love them or hate them, but someone needs to pull me away from the computer!
  5. I haven’t spent an afternoon knitting since before Christmas, and I miss it! This Sunday I’m having a knitting marathon with beautiful crazy neon colourful yarn, and I can’t wait to post about the results.

Your turn! :)

ps – Since it’s Valentines Day & love is in the air, I’d love if you’d click on my new Google Friend Connect widget! It adds my blog to the “Blog’s I Follow” section of your blogger profile &  shows your avatar on my blog- I would love to have you <3


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