This year I’ve had the opportunity to host group coaching calls, create mastermind groups with friends and lead mastermind groups as part of courses. It’s energizing and fascinating, and it’s also created interesting problems to solve.

Since I’m an overachiever who loves systems and organization more than Leslie Knope, I quickly realized that I don’t want to run a group coaching call, I want to run mine the right way.

And as we all know, life assigns ample bonus points to anyone who can invent their own ideal way for any/every task.

For me, the most challenging part of the first sessions of group calls (aside from time management) is the information overload of getting to know 5 – 6 new people, their business challenges and goals all at the same time. In the first weeks of a new group, this makes it harder to be an insightful, thoughtful human because I’m choosing to either juggle details or being in the moment.

And to that choice I say, not on my watch.

In case your work is taking you in the direction of group coaching or masterminds?

I wanted to share a quick, useful little tool for group coaching and mastermind calls that I made last week, and has solved this for me.


It’s a free, downloadable Google doc dashboard for organizing all the big picture details and call by call progress of group coaching clients, and can be used to run group conference calls or a mastermind with people who are new to you.

This is what it looks like:

Mastermind Call Tracker


A simple tool to organize group coaching and mastermind calls

To save your copy:

  1. Sign up above, or use the download link if you're already a subscriber.
  2. Click File > Make a Copy (to save it in Google Docs) or File > Download As (to save it to your computer and open in Excel.)

And I hope the test students make the geeky among you smile!