Lately I’ve been trying to snack smart while I’m working (to avoid those sugar crashes I mentioned yesterday!) and in the middle of summer without central air conditioning I’ve been finding it hard to grab anything other than fruit or a granola bar. I started looking into no bake and vegan recipes to see if there was anything tasty and simple that I could find, and when I came tasted the results of these chocolate peanut butter chews I had to share them!

Part of my excitement comes from the fact that they use a rice krispies style cereal- and because I’ve been vegetarian since I was five or six I’ve never been able to have a rice krispie square!! This is making up for elementary school, guys. It’s almost as big as when I had my first s’more two years ago :)

The ingredients are simple, and after you mix up the melted chocolate chips with everything here, you just fold in the crisped rice cereal and shape them into mounds.

Then you pop them into the freezer for a few minutes and they’re ready for you to inhale delicately sample with more self restraint than I posses.

They’re simple to put together, delicious and have enough in them to actually make a dent in your appetite.

These have made me confident enough to try out other no bake ideas, and I think they’re going to become permanent parts of my summer secret weapon arsenal. They’re definitely worth trying, you can find the recipe at the Oh She Glows, which is full of healthy amazing ideas for your nibbling needs.

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