Kyla Roma 2013 Planner Design

It’s not a secret that I’m an organization junkie. I love beautifully designed file folders, agendas, lists and stationary… don’t get me started! I’m on a card kick at the moment.  Aside from my laptop, the organizational tool that I work with most is my day planner. I’ve blogged about using a Filofax planner, making my own planner from scratch (part one & part two here), and making a planner from a Moleskine notebook (no biding required!). So when 2013 rolled around and I’d already tried so many options I wanted to try the one I hadn’t tackled yet: designing my own planner and have it printed and bound for me.

I went this route rather than buying a planner because I wanted a challenge, and because I wanted a two pages per day layout that gave me space to make lists and track my work time as well as a daily view to plot out appointments and client calls.

I also wanted a planner that had self care built into its DNA, which I hadn’t been able to find. I imagined this would look like a daily reminder to take care of myself (working on it!) and a place to track how much sleep I’m getting and how that correlates to my mood. This is a huge part of how depression and anxiety affect me, and having a visual way to track them in my planner helps me remember exactly how well I feel the day after a Downton Abbey marathon gets out of hand and goes past midnight.

These were the results!

Kyla Roma 2013 Planner Design: Left Page

Left Page: These are areas for my client work, things I’m going to do for myself, and admin work for Freckled Nest Design. The note at the top reads “Remember: If it doesn’t have to be done, let it go. Otherwise schedule or delegate”. I always seem to need a reminder that putting something on my To Do list is a choice, not the default!

Kyla Roma 2013 Planner Design: Right Page

Right Page: My mood & sleep tracker, and “More Of”/”Less Of” sections for keeping my intentions for that day in mind (Note: This was inspired by a planner I found when I designed this in November but can’t find now, if you come across it please send me the link!). On this page there’s also a daily overview by the half hour, and I write the Month and day of the week at the top corner of each page.

Wonder what it looks like in action?

Kyla Roma 2013 Planner Design: Planner In Use

This “action shot” is from a time when I was working on a client launch while my husband was traveling, which is why I have 15 mins of FaceTime listed and work until 11:00 pm. These days I usually wrap up work at 6 pm, and instead of FaceTime we have real face time!

So far I love this system. There’s lots of room for notes and sticking with my intentions, and every day is a fresh start. It’s designed to fit a legal page that’s cut in half and the only downside so far? It takes up two books!

Two Planners!

I have six months of the year in each book, and it became much more affordable when a lovely lady at my neighborhood copy center charged me for letter sized paper instead of legal sized paper and let the mistake slide. Thank you, error margins in giant corporate budgets!

Since I wanted to give something back but couldn’t ship out boxes of these babies, I thought that a printable version inspired by my planner design would be a way to share some of the organization love…

Free Printable Planner by Kyla Roma

Click here or above to grab yours!

Note: This is a free download for personal use only.

The headings are in the Pantone colour of the year for 2013 (excuse me while I adjust my glasses), I’ve kept the self care prompts in and added a short to do list along with a bigger “To Schedule” area where you can pop in things that come up during the day without automatically making them your next top priority.

I hope you enjoy this free printable!

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