Last week I posted about the obscenely cheap fabric wall panels that I made, and because having a “how to” post inside of a “my dogs mauled each other” post is at least a little awkward I thought I’d show you how I did it here….

Fabric Wall Panel Supplies

– 1.5 meters of cute discount fabric ($10)

– 1 panel of half inch green guard or similar panel insulation from hardware store ($10)

– 1/4″ staples

– Staple gun

– Finishing nails

– Hammer

1. Using a swiss army knife I cut the green guard into two four foot by one foot panels.

2. Cut the fabric right down the middle, length wise. Lay the fabric down and place the green guard on top of it.

3. Pull the fabric over to the back of the panel, measuring how much you have gathered over the back. Minding this measurement will make sure the pattern doesn’t drift. Start stapling it into the panel until that side is done.

4. Turn the board around and repeat with the remaining fabric on that side.

5. Work on one of the remaining two sides of the panel and bring the fabric around the to the back, folding it underneath its self to ensure a clean finish. Or not, if you’re not anal. Just be careful to bring the extra fabric around to the back when you’re working on the corners, as it tends to gather on the edges of the board and if you leave it like that the sides will appear over stuffed and uneven.

6. Because the panels are so soft, you can hang them by hammering finishing nails straight through them and into the wall, which adds to their plush, upholstered look.

Total Project Cost: $20 because I only needed to buy the green guard & fabric. Projects that use stuff I just have around the house are my absolute favourite.

Ways you can make it your own:

Use cork board so you can pin things into it

Use cork board, add a frame and use it as an interactive shadow box

Pad the fabric with batting on the finished side & add sewing detail

Use the same method on smaller pieces like T-Shirts or antique quilts

Have fun- and make sure you e-mail me pictures if you make them!


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