I usually have a hard time staying committed to healthy living, and since last summer it’s been a big challenge for me. The problem that I run into is that if I don’t meal plan every week I revert to making what’s easiest- and because I’m vegetarian, easy is usually code for carb heavy food.

Pasta and potatoes. It’s a problem.

Now that the summer is right around the corner and being outside is fun again I’ve been re-committing myself to being more active, and to learn some healthy habits that will stay with me for good. Just to make sure it works I have a two part plan!

meal planning

Part One: Fall in Love with Working Out. Or Develop Stockholm Syndrome.

I want to get in shape for the summer, and then maintain it! To get there I have a new workout schedule that’s going to help me have more energy and drop my winter weight by running and doing weights during the week. Since I have a hard time making being active part of my routine, my only goal at the start is to do something active everyday until it becomes a natural habit instead of something I can talk myself in and out of.

Part Two: Plan So I Don’t Become a Carbetarian

I’m doubling my commitment to change how I eat. Since Jesse isn’t a vegetarian and I am, that means that more of our meals are going to be made together but separate (you can read about our split kitchen here) but it’s going to be better for both of us instead of being lazy about what we eat and focusing on our common foodie ground. I’m also working on being about 90% vegan, so I’ve been searching out new recipes for snacks and small meals of energy dense foods all day. My goal is that I don’t ever want to be starving when I sit down to a meal, and I always want the food I eat to be super nutritious- which I’m hoping will stopping the energy peaks and crashes that I’ve experienced until now.

meal planning

Meal planning is hard for me to tackle when I’m out of practice, so this week I went back to basics with research and a simple meal planning techniques. I hopped onto a site that my friends Amber and Lisa love called Oh She Glows, to find some tasty vegan recipes I could base my week around.

How I Meal Plan

To plan, I write out the days of the week with spaces for meals and snacks, and on the other half of the paper I’ll write out some grocery categories. As I browse through recipes I write in what looks tasty under the meals for the week, and add in the leftovers for snacks or as sides for the next day’s meals. Then I bookmark the recipe and write out any ingredients I’m missing on the grocery half of the page, along with any staples we’re out of .

meal planning

After about 15 mins I have a meal plan and I’m ready to go grocery shopping! There’s something about making a plan and taking charge that makes me feel so much more confident about being able to follow through. The thing that I’ve found helps the most is working with my flaws.  I know I’m always going to tend towards what’s most convenient, so when I already have a plan being healthy and following it is more convenient than trying to plan something at the last minute!

vegan energy bars

The tastiest part of this experiment so far is the Fruit and Nut Energy bites. They’re my default snack all week and they taste like candy! If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious snack I can’t recommend these enough- they’re easy to make and incredibly tasty. Plus if you eat Vegan for long enough? As I’ve long suspected, and explained in the first minutes of this scene from the movie Scott Pilgrim, you get superpowers.

What superpower you would give up meat and dairy for?
I used to think I would only become vegan if I could levitate, but since I’ve been eating vegan a lot and it’s not as hard as I thought I’d also be open to considering it if I gained the ability to stop time :)

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