Since the late fall weather has started to turn up in the prairies, I’ve been on a mission to find and make warm accessories that have lots of personality before it gets too cold. If I’m going to be bundled up, I at least want to have fun doing it. Around the house that means leg warmers, leggings and perfectly over sized vintage sweaters, and around the city I want anything that pops against all the black jackets I seem to own!

My favourite fall outfit is definitely my vintage leather jacket paired with a giant scarf. It’s warm and a little over the top- just the way I like it.


clockwise from top left:

Honeycomb gloves by Elde – $24
Honey Yellow Mug Cozy by natalya1905 – $15
Softspoken Slouchy Pom Beanie by Softspoken – $20
Made to Order Winter Mukluks by Spirocreations -$475


Do you have a favourite fall accessory?

Mine would be a pair of black flat boots but my absolute favourite pair died last year and I haven’t replaced them yet. I’m not ready to move on quite yet, grief is a process. ;)