One of the things that I hear from business owners all the time is that they need more website traffic. I understand the thinking and I’ve been there too.

More traffic feels like it means more chances to find your people, right? To some extent that’s true, but focusing on your traffic can also be a big distraction.

That’s because most websites with a traffic problem really have a communication problem.

Don't let low traffic on your business website disctract you from problems you can solve. What you can work on today to set yourself up for success.

Every person who visits you online is quietly asking themselves if you can heLp them. It’s the job of your website to weed out people who aren’t right for you, stand out to people who are ready to purchase from you now, and guide those right people toward how you help.

If you’re willing to turn off who you don’t serve, your ideas can jump off the page to the people you do! (click to tweet it)

To be clear, I’m not saying you need to actively offend people or be shocking to capture attention. That’s communicating with gimmicks, and that’s not how you or I roll.  This is about putting in the time to make sure you present your ideas in a way that’s engaging and strong.

Writing blog that attracts people who are ready for what you offer is a huge part of the battle, so give yourself credit if you’re doing that already. (Good job!)

But know that if you want to stop people in their tracks, the first draft of your big idea that you’ve never said out loud probably isn’t going to do it. This is where collaborating with friends, creating a mastermind group, and working with a professional come in and make a huge difference. Being with other people and working on your ideas in partnership with them will make them better.

Next time you look at your pageviews and wonder what you can do to get those numbers higher, make sure you consider the story your website tells.

Do you tell the story of what you do in a way that’s natural and authentic?

Did you bring your personality to the table?

Have you talked through your ideas with others and tried to make them stronger?

What would a stranger think your business stands for if they saw your site for 5 seconds?

Do you present a clear next step on every page? Is it visually emphasized, or hidden?


Don’t let low traffic distract you from telling the story of your business in an unforgettable way.

If you can solve the problem of converting readers into subscribers now, you stand a better chance of turning subscribers into clients later. That’s a more important problem for most businesses and bloggers to solve than building traffic.

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