I’m not sure how closely you guys read, but you might have noticed that I’ve been posting mid-mornings lately- and that’s a sign that I’ve been running off my feet!

But I’m happy to report that it’s been projects I love that are keeping me busy, so here’s a little housekeeping to show you what I’ve been up to:

1. My etsy store will be launching on October 11th! I have a whole number of different product lines and some really beautiful photography ideas for them. An October launch will mean that I can give the shop as much time and attention as it needs, and I’ll have the time to provide the level of customer service that I want to give :)

2. I’ve been working on lots of really exciting design projects! I’ve been learning such an incredible amount as I go along, and I wanted to share my latest two projects with you:

Lily Press – Blog as a Website on WordPress

Susan loves stationary & cloth textures, and bright colours – I used coloured doilies and Japanese washi tape to give her a detailed look, and a really cool off center nav bar too!

Somewhat Voluble – Blog Makeover on WordPress

Megan loves bright minimalist design, pinks and turquoise, and a clearly organized blog. I gave her a place to showcase her 365 project, daily inspiration and posts that would feel airy and light.

Want more? Check out my design page or e-mail me at kylaroma [at] gmail.com for full details :)

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