Real Talk: We’ve all been there.

We’ve all considered implementing a complex, and often expensive, sales system we purchased from an online business guru because we want their level of success. (Or even just a small part of it, really.)

So we follow the lessons and buy the ads and write the copy. We create the funnel and drive the traffic and implement each step of the checklist. We check our stats and review our numbers and drop into bed exhausted and discouraged. Why? Because the results just aren’t what we expected…and they don’t justify all the work.

It’s frustrating, but it’s not just you. It’s the system and the reasons why proven doesn’t mean guaranteed.

5 reasons why proven sales systems give you bad results

One size truly doesn’t fit everyone.

Sure, the process worked well for the guru selling it. The steps fit their personality and met the needs of their audience. They got big results because the system was designed specifically for their business. But even when we buy a ready-made sales system, we already know there’s no guarantee it will fit our businesses – at least not without some serious changes.

If your business has a different audience, different message, and different personality? The way you share your work with the world will need a different fit. You can’t simply follow the advice word for word because it’s going to fit funny in spots – and your audience (smart people that they are) will know the difference.

No matter their size, your audience wants YOUR message, not a hyper-edited version of your message designed to sound like everyone else.

The deceptive value of all the things.

Facebook ads, social media posts and pins and tweets, email marketing funnels and free webinars just to talk about your stuff… People are using – and attributing all their success to – enough tactics to make your head spin.

Successful business owners start out with one or two tactics, and focus on how to make them work really well.

You can be successful without all the frosting of a thousand tactics.

In fact, trying to wrangle too many tactics is a fast track to diluting your energy and limiting your effectiveness. You don’t need all the things. You only need a few of the right things – the things that make a connection with your audience and feel natural and authentic to you.

Louder isn’t better… it’s just annoying.

Loud people get attention, but not usually in a good way. The loud talker sitting one table over in the coffee shop is just super annoying, honestly. So is the distant relative who takes over a family celebration by “making a big entrance” and “working the room”.

Implementing someone else’s marketing strategy can make your message an annoyance rather than an interesting new opportunity. If your audience is accustomed to simple, heartfelt messages, then a sudden influx of repetitive sales messages with built-in urgency will feel dissonant and off brand.

Want more than just a first date with readers? That's a good thing!

There are exceptions, of course. But, most of the proven sales systems I’ve seen are designed for launching your service or course or thingy to as many people as possible. They are about quick hits, big financial numbers, and lots of traffic. And on paper, this makes sense! Surely you can do it in a way that feels good for you, right?

But in practice, it’s like speed dating. How many people can you get to notice your stuff and make a move? Feels a little fast and maybe a little dirty, right? Because in your uncertainty and anxiety about sales, we get focused on numbers above everything else. Suddenly you’re in it for the immediate gratification. And your audience can tell.

If selling someone else’s way seems off to you, maybe it’s not because you’re reaching outside of your comfort zone, maybe it’s because you want a little more than a first date. You want a relationship – complete with multiple engagements, deepening value, and a commitment of some kind. You want a client, a dedicated customer, a raving fan, and to do business with people you truly like. A system to generate lots of superficial engagement probably won’t get you there.

Something just doesn’t feel right – to anyone.

The biggest problem, in my opinion, with implementing someone else’s marketing or sales formula is this: It just doesn’t feel right, and we don’t listen to that instinct.

The suggested copy doesn’t sound like you would speak. The message is a little too hyped or a bit too pushy or just not quite you-enough. The tactics are outside your comfort zone or skill set. The pace is too fast (or too slow) and the whole process feels surreal or maybe even a bit creepy.

Guess what? Those feelings that make you want to stop and rethink this whole thing are the same feelings of disconnect your audience feels. They engage with your message and review your copy and feel rather meh about the whole thing. Instead of prompting them to purchase, those feelings create an internal pause that makes you and your audience pause.

It just doesn’t feel right.

What if that’s not because this is “just how sales feel”, or because you’re “learning a new strategy”? What if it just doesn’t feel right because it isn’t right for you?

The answer? Perfecting the formula, so it fits YOU.

Does this mean you should stay away from learning from mentors, or even from proven sales formulas? Absolutely not. There’s lots of value in learning new tactics, exploring new perspectives, and getting inspiration from someone who has experienced the growth you’re seeking.

But it’s crucial that you process and apply what you learn to your unique situation. How?

You can:

  1. Grab the winning tactics you like – the ones that seem authentic – and use them.
  2. Consider the needs of your audience and craft your copy accordingly.
  3. Instead of doing all the things, carefully select 2 or 3 and focus on doing them well.
  4. Look beyond a single launch or sales cycle to create lasting relationships.

The bottom line is this: make your sales and marketing a reflection of your values and personality. That’s authenticity, my friends. And it delivers big results!


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