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Weekly Weak Knees no.20

Weekly Weak Knees is a round up post of the “currently loving” section in my sidebar, where every day I pop in an image and link to something I lovely that I can’t help but share. It’s a pretty feature that feels like I’m passing notes to friends & reader who check my blog every day, and I hope you enjoy it enough to make it part of your routine!

These are some of my favourite links from past little while, click on the pictures to explore…

Did you find something beautiful online this week?

Share a link with me in the comments!

There are 9 responses already, join in!
  1. Yeah. I love that HP embroidery. Such a nerd…. oh and that screen-printed scarf!
    p.s. I referred to your last post in my links this week. (http://acollectionofpassions.com/blog/just-for-fun)


  2. i loved this. thanks for sharing and keeping me busy on a friday night home as i’m sick.

  3. These items are so pretty. I am really liking the embroidery pieces. Especially the Harry Potter one – how awesome! The iphone/ipad dock is also such an awesome idea. Thank you for sharing these :]

  4. I actually found that Wingardium Leviosa hoop art because of you and am going to feature it next week too!

    All of these look so fabulous! Happy weekend!

  5. I love the porcelain lamp and the vintage price flags. Working on a post right now on vintage lamps, in fact. I love nearly all of them.

  6. I feel an etsy splurge coming on…

  7. mel

    Oh, I dream of coming across a glass rolling pin while thrifting. They’re hollow with removable lids on the end so you can fill it with ice. Cold pastry is the key to not sticking to the rolling pin, and a tasty dessert.
    Ok now I’m off to see where that link leads. Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Loving the sleepy time embroidery… adorable!

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