Remember that time in September when I pierced the other side of my nose, vowed to show it to you, and then promptly forgot about it? I was taking some updated self portraits and remembered that if I was going to show you the blue streak in my hair I should show you my September piercing first!

Since the summer I feel like I’m back to the Geek Chic version of myself- I got my new crystal glasses, got the other side of my nose pierced, and went back to having gauged ears instead of trying to let them grow in.

Reality Check to Kyla: If your ears haven’t grown in after three years, it’s not going to happen!

After years of having no earrings to wear that will actually fit I’m happy to be able to wear earrings again! Here’s the new nose…

At first it took a little time to get used to the geeky Kyla who peered out of mirrors and windows at me, but I’m feeling really cute, positive, and like myself! I think a big part of it is that my anxiety has almost completely evaporated since October. I’ve been sticking to my plan of medication and tips from cognitive behavioural therapy to un-learn being anxious, and I’m feeling amazing :)

I still feel happy or sad when life happens- but I can deal with everything that comes my way, and I never feel paralyzed by my feelings any more. It’s so fun to go through the days without being worried, stressed, and tired all the time- everything is easier!

Tomorrow is my big tattoo day – I’m having the outline done to make my shoulder piece into a sleeve – and I’m excited to tackle it with my calm outlook! I had a massage yesterday  so I’m all loose and ready- and I’m feeling really excited and ready to sit still and make it happen. Send me deep breaths & good vibes tomorrow!

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