Swipe my no-tech social media micro-funnels for more customers!

for intentionally tiny online business owners, course creators, creatives and service-based entrepreneurs

You'll leave this free workshop...

  • Ready to put social media to work so you can earn more and hit your business goals without feeling like your moral compass will burst into flames.
  • Knowing what the heck a funnel is and isn’t - and why it DOES NOT have to mean writing a zillion emails.
  • Able to avoid #1 reason smart, helpful people become chronically frustrated by social media. Because it’s totally optional!
  • With step-by-step video walkthroughs on FOUR DIFFERENT proven social media micro-funnels for creatives using your Instagram Grid, Instagram stories, LinkedIn, and YouTube. (You can adapt them to work anywhere - even on Patreon and Kickstarter!)
  • With a completed, exclusive workbook you'll use to create your new micro-funnel in under 60 minutes!

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Common sense disclaimer:
This is not a business opportunity. No income opportunity is being presented in this online class. You are registering for exactly what's stated – educational training to assist you in getting more customers and members for your existing business. This is in no way associated with or sponsored by Instagram®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest®, or any other organizations.