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One of the constants in my life is, definitively, that baking is wonderful. I can carb load like nobody’s business, and I have a mean sweet tooth. So what could make baked goods better?

1. Seasonal baking – because seasonal means it’s only around for a little while, which is a free pass to enjoy more of it than usual.

2. Baking in miniature – because miniatures are adorable & tiny, which is a free pass to enjoy more of it than usual.

Last weekend I wanted to bake, and for the first time since the spring it was cool enough in our 100+ year old little house that I could make something delicious. I have a little pan for baking miniature doughnuts, so I knew what I had to do… I had to try making some seasonal miniature doughnuts.

Caramel reminds me of fall & of Halloween, and while a ganache is a bit fancy & temperamental I couldn’t resist making some up and then dressing it down with cute sprinkles. What I will say caramel ganache is don’t attempt it for the first time when you’re leaving the house in a half hour. Though that probably applies to most of life, not just ganache.

I attempted the caramel without a candy thermometer, and while I burned the first batch the second was perfect (it was made when I wasn’t about to leave the house!). You just have to be ready to move quickly when the sugar mixture starts turning golden, and I’d recommend using less than full heat so you have a little grace :)

Want to try these? You can find the recipe for baked doughnuts (or donut for you Americans!) at Beachlover Kitchen and the caramel ganache is from New Frontiers in Baking, re-posted at  Technicolour Kitchen.

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