Sometimes when I’m trying to learn about myself, or grow, or get better at something, starting with myself starts me off in the wrong direction. The current version of me always seems to be wearing jeans that need to be washed, or have bed head that’s not the sexy kind, or have chosen a lipstick that’s not write the right shade. I want to learn from the me that’s ten years older than I am, because sometimes I just doubt the ability of Current Kyla to teach me things! Do you know what I mean?

Over the past year I’ve come up with the perfect way to get around this, and my solution is to make my own mentor. My inspiration book is one of my favourite places to work out my thoughts, and it’s where I do my mentor profiles every now and then, so today I’m showing you between its pages for the first time- handwriting, magazine pages, tape & all. I hope you enjoy it!

Making your own mentor is a lot of fun, a great learning experience, and you get to pick whoever you like! Anyone who inspires you is fair game, as long as you can find out a little about them and can look through their work or online presence a little. The best part? You don’t even have to take them our for lunch. In fact you can treat yourself to lunch instead!

My mentors come from all walks of life- they’re men & women, bloggers, photographers, business people, writers & free spirits. They change all the time, and because I file them into my inspiration book whenever the mood strikes me it’s fun to flip back and see who has been inspiring me at different times over the past year.

I chose Kat Von D earlier this winter, when I saw the first season of her show LA Ink- I was really struck by how quiet, emotional and self aware she was, and how at the same time she’s totally playful, is covered in tattoos and has tons of confidence. It was so interesting to me, and I wanted to make sure I included her. A few of my other mentors from the past year have been Susannah Conway, Elsie Flannigan & Danielle Laporte.

The profiles that I’ve made up so far always have three sections:

Who? – Where I write a brief introduction about who the person is & some information on what I know about their life

Why They’re Magnetic – This is where I write about what makes this person amazing! Why are people drawn to them? Why am I drawn to them? I try to define the person’s “X Factor” through my perspective & narrow down why I find them compelling.

What I Want to Take From Their Story– In this section I go through what I know about the person, from what makes them irresistible and unique, to how they run their business and any truths that jump off the page at me.

I love how this puts my learning and personal grow into my hands- but focuses me on people I look up to. And at the end of my profiles, the “What I Want To Take From Her Story” section actually tells me an amazing amount about who I am and where I want to go. It’s a little bit of soul searching, a lot of learning, and something I always look forward to.

Have you ever made your own mentor? Who is someone you look up to?
I would looove to search through people who inspire you, I bet we could come up with an amazing list of names together!
Ready? Go! :)

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