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I learned how to knit the year I graduated from high school and ever since it’s been one of my favorite crafts. It’s practical, colorful, and is a great excuse to have a Netflix marathon! I started learning on straight needles but soon I learned a trick from a friend that made knitting way more fun- using circular needles to knit straight projects like scarves.

Knitting on regular needles can really tire out your arms, especially when you like knitting with Big Yarn like I do. As your project grows you have to hold and balance a lot of weight, and it’s hard to sit comfortably or travel with large needles. Knitting on circular needles is comfortable and compact, lets me knit for as long as I like.

Which, just to clarify, is a lot :)

This isn’t too hard for beginners & it’s a good way to feel quite fancy when you’re knitting out and about.

Ready to get fancy?

You can either start a project on circular needles or switch from straight needs to circular needles that are the same gauge, so for this tutorial I’m just going to show you how knitting a row of a straight project works when you’re using circular needles- that way you can use the method for either starting or switching.

1. Start your row by knitting normally as though your needles aren’t connected- just knit, purl and do what your project calls for.

2. Knit right to the end of the row, and prepare yourself for using this fancy new technique.

3. Stop knitting at the end of the row. Take the needle that has no stitches on it and pass it to your other hand so both needles are together.

4. Take a moment, are you sure you’re ready for all the knitting cred you’re about to gain? Are you sure? You may have to teach this technique to people on the bus, at your place of work, and maybe even to members of your own family!

5. Okay then, brave knitter! Here you go: take the work that’s in your hand, and pass it to your other hand.

6. That’s it- you can start knitting your new row! I said it was fancy, not that it was complicated :)

This is one of the reasons I love knitting- it’s not hard to do neat things! I’ve been working on lots of projects lately and I’m going to be sharing my results soon, along with a really cool little accessory invention that I came up last week.

Do you knit, crochet, or make your stitches however the mood strikes you?

I do both- I love making small things with crochet and giant things by knitting. I can’t choose a favorite!

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