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Weekly Weak Knees no.28

Weekly Weak Knees is a round up post of the “currently loving” section in my sidebar, where every day I share something I lovely.  I always add in some irresistible extras too :)

This is what I’ve been loving this week- click on the pictures to explore…

via Sometimes Sweet

Tons of tasty snacks that are filling and healthy that I can barely wait to try

A quick quilted iPad tutorial that would be great for first timers and easy to adapt

So cute! I think this is even Katrina worthy which is the mark of a very fine bow tie, IMO

An exquisitely made dress from Lana & Kat- a mother and daughter company (how dreamy!)

Mollie’s blog is full of charming project ideas & these dominos aren’t short on her unmistakable style

She. Is. SoIncredibly. Fun! Great vintage, photography & the modelling! My goodness- enjoy :)

via Decor8

Snurk bedding is an ingeniously playful take on knits & crochet to keep you cozy

Jen’s blog is for the “skint yet stylish” (oh, the UK!) and her sweater makeover adds edge to a thrift find

A beautiful illustration that makes me want her scarf… and her bangs… and long hair!

Simple and understated, along with some Intimidating Scissor Skillz on display for the logo & trackpad

What did you love about this week?

There are 20 responses already, join in!
  1. I love the wooden cover! I love the look of wood, it’s so clean and classic looking I think. And there’s just something about eating a snack that you KNOW is healthy…it makes it so much better! My favorite still to this day is a nice, cold, crisp Granny Smith with a piece of aged, sharp white cheddar. My parents went to boarding school in England back in the 50’s and 60’s and they always told me that for dessert, they’d get a sliced apple and a piece of aged cheddar. So good!

    • That’s the best! My mom used to give my sister & I that as our bedtime snack when I was growing up- I loooove it! And I think I need to pick it up at the grocery store this week so I can enjoy it again- thanks for the reminder :)

  2. What the what?! Thank you so much for including my iPad cover!!! I was so excited to see it on your blog this morning!

    • Thanks for sharing it, Maryam! I love so much of your blog that it was hard to choose what to include :)

  3. That open back dress is just too die for really so gorgeous!

    What I loved about this week is its Friday and its date night in this house.
    Also a little reminder about my relationship that sorta gave us a renewal of why we love each other made my week.

  4. LOVE the title of you recurring feature! That bowtie is so stinkin’ cute – I’m thinking of putting my little man in his first neck decor this Easter ;)
    P.S. – that wood grain cover is da bomb

  5. I love illustrations like that.

  6. Absolutely love all of these. Your blog will always be one of my top favorites, Kyla!

  7. OMG everything listed here is giving me weak knees! <3

  8. See, I love the idea of open backed dresses…but do all the models rely on the electrical tape method for erhm, coverup? I don’t need the support, so I can get away with it, but what do other ladies do?

    • That’s a great question! This post on The Frisky has some great options… although the band aids idea is not something that I’d consider!! lol The bras that use some adhesive and clip together in the front look like the “safest” and most comfortable options to me :)

  9. Lauryn (Concetta’s Closet Model) and I were beyond excited to see that we got a feature on your awesome blog! – We are over the moon!! – Thank you so much for recognizing us – XO! – Dana & Lauryn – Concetta’s Closet

  10. I LOVE that graphic open back dress, amazing!


  11. I’m kind of hell-bent on doing that woodgrain DIY now! I wonder if it would be easily transferrable to an iPhone…

    • That’s a great idea! I would love to see “a month later” photos to see how it holds up on the laptop :)

  12. The healthy snacks tip is just what I needed. I am already thinking about easter and chocolate is constantly in my mind..

    • Oh gosh, I hear you Juliette! I’m in a chocolate state of mind. To keep my cravings in check I just picked up Fat Free, no sugar added Jello chocolate pudding mix (here). It’s not natural, but it’s really delicious, is only 30 calories for a quarter of the package and is great for Easter cravings. :)

  13. OMG I really liked your cantinho.e and sweet here.great post

  14. Woah, thanks for these! So good! Love the faux crochet & knit fabric, and LOVE Concetta’s Closet etsy site :)

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