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Weekly Weak Knees no.27

Weekly Weak Knees is a round up post of the “currently loving” section in my sidebar, where every day I share something I lovely.  I always add in some irresistible extras too :)

This is what I’ve been loving this week- click on the pictures to explore…

☆ cute instant collection of books- but I can’t get past the Polaroid One Step! ☆

☆ Love the geometric print & size of this clutch ☆

☆ Their prints make me want to get bolder with what I wear, and the shoes! Oh, the shoes….  ☆

☆ I love Judy’s charming illustration style! Especially her cities, twins & famous portraits ☆

☆ I want to do this to my craft room at home (while my husband’s out!) ☆

☆ Gorgeous typography created from wound embroidery thread  ☆

☆ Beautiful watercolour colour blocked scarves ☆

☆ Such a sweet display idea! I want to fill my bedroom with these. ☆

☆ Such an amazing idea! I’d like a volunteer vegan chef to whip these up for me ;) ☆

☆ So sweet, I wish I could pull something like this off! ☆

What did you love about this week?

There are 9 responses already, join in!
  1. I’m wearing a blouse like that (with the tie!) to a Mad Men party this weekend…and you can totally pull off the look, I promise! I’m wearing a black skirt (to go with the secretary look) but they look equally good with jeans and flats or boots.

    My general rule for not looking too costumey is having one piece that I wear vintage, the rest modern. So–a vintage dress, but with leggings. Or regular levis and a cute older lacy slip top and a cardigan. (the me of high school would generally disagree, but the me of high school was a bit nuts for the skirts over jeans trend…or bringing dresses that I showed off to my mom, and she’s say, “You kind of look like a prostitute from a saloon in the Old West” —and then wear something else to school and change in the bathroom. Rebellious!)

  2. I LOVE judy kaufmann illustrations. They are just gorgeous!

  3. I love polaroids. Now I use my fuji instax mini.

  4. Fantastic taste as always Kyla! I am speedily bookmarking the DIY’s– too cute!


  5. Kirsten Parish

    The secretary blouse would be perfect with a black pencil skirt!! I LOVE the style and color! Oh, and I must add that I love the Mad Men costume party idea for the season premiere! (as mentioned in the comment above) Fun!!!

  6. I have one of those Polaroids and I think that old cameras make the best photo shoot props!

    I really love that wallpaper. There are so many amazing wallpaper prints, it really makes me want to try it. …even though it seems a bit intimidating. Lots of people do it, right? Can’t be too bad! ;)

    This week I am loving wearing sandals! I have some happy toes.

  7. You could totally pull of the secretary blouse with some ballerina shoes and some dress jeans. Or for something a little more traditional, with a pencil skirt and a wool vest over the top in autumn… Have you seen Kate Sylvester’s secretary runway show? Awesome.

  8. Weekly Weak Knees… I love these! :)

  9. That polaroid is so great. I miss my film days. That is one classic camera.


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