One of the best things about my transition job when I was moving from being full time working for someone else to being full time self employed was that being at a florist’s shop let me work with my hands in a creative way and learn a little about floral design while having some more financial security. Putting bouquets and boutonnieres together for weddings was so much fun, and lately I’ve been seeing a really beautiful trend when I log into Pinterest.

{1. Paige Stenrud 2. The Knot via Alaa Ellaboudy 3. superjunk via Michelle DuPuis}

I’ve been noticing a wave of wedding photos where succulents are being used in bouquets for their unique textures and shapes, and I can’t get enough of it! If I was planning a wedding I would definitely incorporate this into my flowers- but since I’m not planning a wedding I thought a little home succulent garden would be a perfect way to add it into my day to day life.

Making the Garden

When I had the idea to make an indoor garden, I immediately knew what I had on my hands: the perfect excuse to go thrifting! I’ve been falling more in love with vivid colours over the spring, and since most of what I own are neutrals I visited my favourite local stops and gathered up small, bright vintage bowls for my planters.

I didn’t know a lot about succulents, but I knew that I wanted a cactus and some different plants with unique textures. I called a few local greenhouses and asked about the kinds of succulents they had while madly googling the words I thought they were saying! It turns out that a few common succulents that are easier to track down are Hens and Chicks, Sedum, Rosettes and Sempervivum. If you’re calling greenhouses it’s also helpful to ask for plants that are 2-3″ tall if you want to have a low, modern looking arrangement.

Along with the primary plants that I wanted to get I tried to look for some that could work to fill in the gaps in the arrangement, so I bought a mixture of solid, stocky plants as well as ones that were full, flexible and could be easily separated into smaller bunches. I also brought my bowls with me while I was shopping so I could make sure I was keeping the right scale in mind and avoid getting caught up in the  moment and buying something was beautiful but wouldn’t work.

Once  I had all my plants I took them out of their pots and carefully separated them, and got dirty!

By putting a little bit of soil into each bowl and being gentle with my cactus, I was able to try out different arrangements with the plants until I found exactly what what I wanted. Then it was just a matter of adding enough soil and a little sip of water for them, and the garden was ready!

A couple of days later and that flower is wide open, and it looks like there are more buds that will be taking it’s place soon. As the first potted plants in our home, these succulents are brave little guys- but I think they’ll survive the summer in my care :)

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