I’m going to need a moment to geek out a little:

I can’t believe that there are only three days left until my first solo eCourse, Create Freedom In Your Online Work starts!

I’ve been dreaming about creating my own eCourse for years but like so many times when we have big dreams for ourselves, I filed it away in my mind under “Someday” instead of jumping in and creating it. After struggling with being a workaholic, type-A perfectionist for a long time, when I started working online and  still had a lot of frustration in my daily life that I could no longer pin on my workplace, I was really unsure of what to do. I felt lost, frustrated and like a failure.

So naturally I chose the combo approach of eating my feelings & working 60+ hour weeks without any days off. (Don’t be jealous of my coping mechanisms, it’s unattractive)

Looking back, I wish I could hug that version of myself because she had it rough and it was completely unnecessary.

I’ve come a long way since then, and I’ve changed an incredible amount about how I think about work, run my business, prioritize, and how I knit working online into my daily life.

I’m not perfect at this, but that’s not what this course is about. It’s about ideas that have helped me, and worksheets that help you tailor them to your unique priorities.

That way you can put them into practice in a way that makes sense for you.

Even though I’ve wanted to create this course for ages, I never took concrete steps toward it. This year, while working with Molly from Stratejoy (as part of the Elevate Mastermind 2013) I mentioned the idea, and she challenged me to just jump in and do it.

The idea of just creating the course – no excuses, no scheduling it in months in advance – made me excited, terrified, and feel completely alive with possibility. All of the sudden I realized that I’d been putting off what I knew I could do and was deeply moved to do, because I thought that in the future I would be more prepared to do it than I was at this moment.

The thing is, that future version of me would never be ready if I never stepped into her shoes and just started speaking from my experience.

So here I am! I’ve set the idea out into the world, and on Monday an amazing group of women – some just beginning their online journey & some who are my personal heroes –  and I are going to start making our online projects and how we work more rewarding, effective and balanced. We’re going to learn from each other, share some real talk, laugh really hard and kick some ass.

I think the future/larger than life version of myself (who lives in my head and is impossibly perfect & prepared for every situation) would be proud. Even if it means her superpower of paralyzing me in the present is weakening. It’s for the best for both of us, after all.

I’d love if you join in with us, I’m not sure when
the course will run again I think this first time will
be special – click here for more


Do you find that you put things off for later when you’re “more prepared”? When has that been helpful and when have you used it as a way to hold yourself back?

It’s hard to tell when we’re getting in our own way vs. when the timing isn’t right, isn’t it? The only way I know to tell the difference is checking with myself and seeing if a possibility makes me feel like hiding under my desk or singing from the roof top. But it’s hilarious how long it sometimes takes for me to tell the difference. What about you?

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