I’ve been really wanting to give myself rainbow nails lately, but I wasn’t in the mood for something full on neon and crazy. On account of me having a lot of that going on with my neon red hair & tattoos. I thought the perfect solution would be a hint of rainbow by giving a french manicure a little more personality.

This uses an easy method that anyone can make look beautiful, it requires no freehand painting and gives a cute, colorful look that’s not too crazy to wear to work. It can be a tiny reminder of your creative heart whenever you type ;)

Step One: Paint a neutral colour as your base coat & wait until it’s completely dry so your hard work will pay off!

Step Two: Cut a small section of scotch tape or washi tape so it has a semi-circle bend to the edge.

Step Three: Apply to the nail, leaving a small section of the tip exposed. Repeat steps two & three for one hand.

Step Four: Paint your nail tips every colour of the rainbow

Step Five: Carefully peel back the tape when you’ve finished painting. Apply a top coat after the tips are dry to the touch.

Then enjoy your work!

I realized that I didn’t have pinks or reds when I was gathering my colours, so mine isn’t as rainbow-y as it could be, but I have that taken care of now and will be re-doing the manicure later this week. I think I need to do a CMYK version next…

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