Current Inspiration

1920’s style – flapper hair cuts, long necklaces & dark lips. Exclusively on other people, who are from the past. I think I would be most happy right now if I had unlimited access to the city’s photo archives and could go through pictures of my city when it was still dirt roads and railways.

Royalty – Princesses, oversized & overstuffed furniture, horseback riding & clawfoot tubs.  Hot baths. Anything slightly to completely decadent.

Short Hair – It’s taking all the willpower I have to not just take the middle photograph straight into my hair stylist girl and demand that she chop mine exactly like that. All my will power… but I think that I need at least a year in my current haircut. If you support the chop, please let me know, but I think the winter static could make it a gong show.

Typewriters – I’ve switched to a wireless keyboard with huge keys so I have more of a satisfying sound when I type but it’s just really not the same. I would love a real (small) typewriter to write letters on. I think it would take my snail mail to another level.

Tea – It’s getting terrifically cold her now. Today it’s -34 °C  (-29 °F) and it’s unbearable to walk the puppies. When I come inside there’s nothing like warming up your hands by sipping a cup of tea.

Sappy Movies – 500 Days of Summer & Paper Heart are amazing. I recommend curling up for a love sick double feature before February hits and the sweet stuff starts to make your teeth hurt.

This January I Will…

Slow down – I’ve been moving way too fast in the past few months. School is going to ramp back up this month and I need to make sure I pace myself so I don’t get over loaded. This is going to mean saying no more often and staying in more. I need to get it through my head that this doesn’t make me a bad friend!

Say goodbye to my sister – My little world traveler is moving to the south of France this morning and will be gone until the summer! We don’t hang out as much as I would like when she’s in town, but I really miss her when she goes. She’s incredibly tough, and incredibly strong- I have no idea how she does these long term trips, but I’m adding her French cell phone number to her previous Australian and Thai ones. I really want to visit her, here’s hoping! Les prairies seront moins à la mode sans vous, ma chère.

Use January to transition from vegetarian to vegan – I’ve been vegetarian since I was six years old, and when I was 18 I became extremely lactose intolerant. It was pretty much forced veganism or taking pills with every meal, and I chose the pills. I’ve never considered being vegan as I have no visible tattoos and like being able to eat in restaurants. As well, Mister is wildly allergic to soy & nuts, so a lot of the recipes I’ve seen would mean making two sets of meals every day. But for Christmas I got the cookbook Vegan Yum Yum and it’s not soy this and soy that- it’s just non-dairy veg food! Being vegan is both totally in line with my heart and something I’ve never thought I could do- so just on principal I’m going to try it for a month. January will be a transition month and February will be the start. Scary!

Keep taking more photographs….but also post them to flickr! I’m terrible at posting anything other than blogs, my personal facebook account is devoid of any recent images of me, and my flickr is worse. I still haven’t posted one of the weddings I shot in August! Now that my blog is re-vamped, getting my flickr in use is my project for January.

Host my first giveaway – Stay tuned!

My only new years resolution…

Is to slow down. I don’t need to live my life in anticipation of the next thing happening, I need to change pace and live life in celebration of what is happening right now.

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