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Glimpse of Summer

In the past ten days my prairie city has been a changed place- instead of late winter snowstorms we’ve had sunshine, instead of a windchill we’ve had humidity, and it has been amazing! All the snow and wind have vanished and instead it’s patio and t-shirt weather. I’ve never experienced anything like this, and it’s so amazing to have spring when my American friends are enjoying the beautiful weather!

Exhibit A: the photo on the left was March 8th, and the photo on the right was taken on March 18th.

I’ve been taking advantage of this window of summer that I can, because who knows how long it will last- though I’m personally hoping it stays until November. I’ve been taking long walks with the dogs, listening to podcasts, reading on the deck, cuddling the German Shepherd I grew up with while we babysit her for my mom, getting my favourite summer clothes out, and seeing matinees at the movies. Anything relaxing that makes me feel like maybe I’m really on summer vacation before my last year of high school.

Only I don’t have any math classes to dread & there’s no friend drama to worry about ;)

These are a few snaps of what life has looked like from my point of view lately…

clockwise from top left:
1.  Tofurkey dogs cooking on the BBQ in a beer & onion bath
2. Our weekend houseguest Kona, my mom’s german shepard x husky
3. Mal sleeping in a ball in a sunbeam last weekend
4. Amber helping me shoot a video blog, using washi tap to level the camera

How do make the most of the first days of summer?

I need tips for fun I can squeeze in before a snowstorm blows in! :)

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  1. Your hair is out of control fantastic. LOVE it lady!

  2. Whoa those tofurky dogs made my mouth water, they look so good!

    • They’re so tasty, as a vegetarian its so rare to get something that filling and dense! One of my favourite weekend treats for sure :)

  3. We’ve been enjoying above average temperatures in Edmonton too – though it’s supposed to snow today. Boo :( We’ve been spending as much time outside as possible! Rollerblading is a favourite activity, even though I get soaked going through puddles and Topher’s stroller really needs a cover to keep him dry …

  4. Chiara Modotti

    it’s amazing too see how many similarities are there between places in the world that are soooo far away. here in north-east of Italy it was exactly the same… I just hope we won’t come back to winter again (although we so need some rain…)

  5. Wellllll… Since I live in Florida & we haven’t had any sorta winter this year & now it’s like Summer I feel like i can answer your ? I recommend Organic Arnold Palmer Tea made with Stevia, self tanner fun, try & get as much sun as you can w/o sunglasses to help with Vit D absorption & a pretty summer color Mani & Pedi!

  6. It already feels like summer here! It’s been above 80 for the past week. Everything is blooming all at once. It’s crazy! :D

  7. I cannot believe it’s t-shirt weather this week! Amazing! I’ve been taking the dogs out for walks every dya, and I’m gonna start working on getting my yard prepped for the summer, which I know is still a few months away. :)

  8. My only worry about the early spring out here is that it might be an indication of a sweltering summer! But we sure are enjoying the gorgeousness now though~*


    • I’ve beeb worried about that too, Tabetha! My favourite time of year is when it’s dress weather during the day & sweater weather at night, I hope it doesn’t get too hot or I’m going to bake in my little house without central air conditioning!

  9. Yum, those tofurkey dogs sure look good! Glad you are also able to take advantage of this gorgeous weather! I have been enjoying it to the max! Grilling last night was def one of the highlights of my weekend!

  10. LA

    Kona’s face is HILARIOUS! pretty human ;)

  11. We’ve had 80 degree days all week in Chicago. It’s very weird walking around in a sundress and sandals
    When there’s not even leaves on the trees. Not that I’m complaining!

  12. Tiff

    I enjoy reading your blog for many reasons but it makes me especially happy that you have a Schipperke! My Schipperke is the love of my life. :)

  13. It snowed in Vancouver today. We were treated to snow, sleet, and hail. I’m trying to be happy for you and your early Spring. I might be failing.

  14. Okay, that dog has crazy eyes. All the same, enjoy your summer! We didn’t get much summer in Sydney this year and now it’s definitely autumn!

  15. This sounds and looks great.

    Cute dogs! :)

    My husky died 5 years ago (6-year-old) because of the tick-borne disease. (BTW: He was protected against ticks!!) I was so sad. I don’t know, if I could ever have a dog again. :(

  16. that pic on kona is crazy, his eyes are amazing.

    Must be nice having fellow bloggers in RL to chat/help out. None of my friends are very bloggy and ambers hair looks so pretty!


  17. mel

    I’ve been going for long walks and next on the schedule is dinner on a patio with some good friends.
    And! I have already reorganized my closet for spring – putting the giant boots and parkas away and pulling out the espadrilles – oh yeah!
    (I’m optimistic that Toronto’s not going back to any winterness)

    And, question – because we’re hair twins.
    Have you found a good shampoo to help the red last?
    Enjoy the sunshine!

  18. Kona is so cute! We had really great weather for about a week here in Texas, but it’s gotten a little chilly the past few days and we’re supposed to have rain tonight and through Thursday–which I am not complaining about because my garden could use all the moisture it can get. :)

  19. krista

    There aren’t enough words to express how much i love everything about your hair.

  20. Jen

    The weather has been crazy nice out! I’m in Southern Ontario and today’s temperatures broke records. It felt like summer! I’m loving it but I’m so scared for what will happen for the rest of Spring and Summer. It might be so hot and humid we have thunderstorms everyday.

    Also, I’m so in love with your hair!

    xo Jen

  21. thank god for warm weather! makes such a big difference. also- thank god for no math classes and no friend drama!

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