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Friday Finds Have Wilderness In Their Hearts no. 57

This week I’ve spent lots of time with tiny animals. I’ve been wrangling, cuddling, bribing & generally annoying my feral little dogs which always involves equal parts eye rolling and laughter. And then…

A ladybug has turned up, awake and a little confused in my craft room at home. Because I’m an over thinker &  an animal lover (and yes, ladybugs count!) my first thought was that unless I put something out for her, this ladybug was going to die a terrible death from dehydration or starvation. Ignoring this would be like letting a ladybug version of the Saw films play out in the room where I knit & drink tea on the weekends! Obviously, I can’t let that happen.

After some online research I found that a water soaked paper towel would let her drink & a rasin soaked in warm water would help her keep up her nutrition. I placed them on a saucer on top of my typewriter by the window she’s been frequenting and very soon she found her way to it

Baby bunny, needle felted, l…

Confetti, 100 Red Hearts – M…

Vintage Rosenthal Selb Handg…

Hand Knitting Socks Patterns…

box Bunny Rabbit linen Oatme…

Embroidery Hoop Art, Sign. &…

grey wolf – miniautre felt w…

white and red fingerless gl…

Wool badger, modern natural …

3″ Bunny Rabbit with Re…

Miniature Needle Felted Pock…

Mushroom Love Heart Pincushi…

White Glitter Kitties in Flo…

Heart Magnet Valentines Day …

Brass Kittens

I’m happy to report that the ladybug has been resting on her new saucer home since yesterday afternoon, and being able to watch her while I’m at my computer has been making my days a lot sweeter. Here’s hoping the weather changes to Spring soon so I can let her outside!

In the mean time, I’m thinking of naming her Beatrice.

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  1. So…you adopted a lady bug. That is the cutest thing I have ever read. Hurry up, spring!

  2. When I first saw your tweet, I squealed in excitement. I love that you’re taking care of the little lady.

  3. Thats lovely! I used to adopt ladybugs and snails… and spiders too when I was a kid!
    ps. awesome finds.

  4. Oh Kyla I love you. And this is why.

  5. It really warms my heart that there are people out there caring enough see to even a little a ladybug’s needs! This just might be the cutest story I’ve ever heard.

  6. That is adorable! And cute animal finds too!

  7. Tina A

    I am glad to know there’s someone else out there who has fed ladybugs who found their way inside! We used to live in the country where we raised our 3 kids–the youngest is now nearly 18–and one morning I discovered several ladybugs in my bathroom. I didn’t think to look up what they might need to eat, I just decided to leave out some honey in an overturned water bottle lid. I was amazed to find them sitting on the edge of the lid clearly eating it! They would also drink from drops of water in my sink. We saved all sorts of animals through the years from baby bunnies our cats discovered to misguided birds who crashed into our windows, but the winter we saved a “flock” of ladybugs stands out as one of the most remarkable rescues!

  8. Buy a leafy plant. They love it! But be forewarned…. they will multiply.

  9. That is so cute that you are helping the lady bug! I love it!

  10. HAHAHAHA the ladybug version of Saw?? That is frickin’ hilarious. And you are so cute, I love that you have a ladybug friend now.

  11. I feel so much less crazy knowing that I’m not the only person who does this. My sister once brought home a praying mantis and I researched how to take care of it so that he wouldn’t die. I felt responsible for him haha.

    Love the post! I wish my blog was as cool as yours (:

  12. another reason why i absolutely love your blog! adding ladybug crusader to your list of accomplishments is pretty awesome Kyla! i had no idea about how to care for these darlings but you are so cool for figuring it out. Beatrice feels the love, i’m sure!!

    also, it’s like you went on an Etsy mission to create the most swoonful array of finds ever. thank you for sharing them, i adore one and all but omg – felted baby bunny! what? so very cuuuute. happy weekend to you : )

  13. I agree with you Kyla. Hurry up Spring! We have a ladybug who needs you (and maybe me too).

  14. great finds just looking at everything has made me feel more spring like xo

  15. This is so freaking adorable. And Beatrice sounds like the perfect ladybug name.

  16. Klya, I just discovered my little badger was featured on our blog – thank you so much! What a sweet little story and I hope Beatrice is doing well. xx

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