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I’m not sure how closely you guys read, but you might have noticed that I’ve been posting mid-mornings lately- and that’s a sign that I’ve been running off my feet!

But I’m happy to report that it’s been projects I love that are keeping me busy, so here’s a little housekeeping to show you what I’ve been up to:

1. My etsy store will be launching on October 11th! I have a whole number of different product lines and some really beautiful photography ideas for them. An October launch will mean that I can give the shop as much time and attention as it needs, and I’ll have the time to provide the level of customer service that I want to give :)

2. I’ve been working on lots of really exciting design projects! I’ve been learning such an incredible amount as I go along, and I wanted to share my latest two projects with you:

Lily Press – Blog as a Website on WordPress

Susan loves stationary & cloth textures, and bright colours – I used coloured doilies and Japanese washi tape to give her a detailed look, and a really cool off center nav bar too!

Somewhat Voluble – Blog Makeover on WordPress

Megan loves bright minimalist design, pinks and turquoise, and a clearly organized blog. I gave her a place to showcase her 365 project, daily inspiration and posts that would feel airy and light.

Want more? Check out my design page or e-mail me at kylaroma [at] gmail.com for full details :)

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  1. Can’t wait for the launch of your etsy store! I am so excited for you. These blog redesigns look fantastic as well. Have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE your design work. You know that updating & self-hosting is on my list of things to do before I’m 30 and right now I’m thinking early next year for the self-hosting + new blog design. Which means I’ll be turning to you as my fabulous web designer.

    I cannot wait for the launch of your etsy shop. I know it will rock.

  3. Another great thing about a mid-October launch? Just in time for Christmas shopping season!!! =)

    I’m loving your design work, Kyla … and have been thinking about a new look for my space … we may need to talk.

  4. I can’t wait for your etsy store!!! So excited to see all your great, crafty things. Also, you are a fabulous designer, I love the style of your designs!

  5. Aww, I love those blog designs! They’re both so so cute :)

  6. That’s so exciting Kyla! Can’t wait for the launch of your shop!

    I love the two designs you’re showing today, they turned out very nice.


  7. Ahhhh, a date for the Etsy shop! I’m hyperventilating with excitement! (Amazing I can still type, though, huh?) SO pumped! And your design work (as always) blows me away with the beauty!

  8. I think your opening in October is a sign that my October will be grand! (especially after this month, oy. Can it get much worse?)

  9. Liz

    I eagerly anticipate the opening of your shop! And great job on the design work. It’s gorgeous!

  10. I am super excited for your Etsy shop!!!
    October is my absolute favorite month, so I think that you picked the perfect time to open your store. :)

  11. Mel

    I’m happy and really excited waiting for your etsy store to open <3

  12. Super excited for your shop to open!! Can’t wait to check it all out!! ;)

    You are super talented! Those blogs both look AH-mazing! Love it!

  13. Yay! October 11th is the day before my birthday. Clearly I should purchase myself a birthday gift from your shop :) It’s in the stars.

  14. I CANNOT WAIT for your Etsy shop to open! I’m so, so, so excited about it!!

    I absolutely love your design work. I’m definitely going to be e-mailing you in the future about redesigning my blog. :)

  15. i love the simple sophistication of your designs, Kyla.

    lookin’ forward to the opening of your shop!

  16. love love love love LOOOOOVE that first blog holy snap. I love the unique layout. very inspiring :)

  17. I’m so glad you featured the design you did for me because I LOVE it. :D

    I’m so, so excited about your etsy shop.

  18. Looking forward to the launch of your Etsy shop!

  19. LOVE these blog designs… and i’m SO excited for your etsy shop! :)

  20. How exciting! Can’t wait to see your etsy, I’m sure it’ll be fabulous! :)

  21. Lovely! sites and I seriously cannot wait to tell everyone I know about your Etsy shop.

  22. So impressed – those sites look so slick! Can’t wait to see your etsy shop!

  23. I heart your work and as much as I love design, I’m lazy… so I think I foresee hiring you to do my next revamp! LOL

  24. These look amazing! I love your touch :) Also, congrats on the Etsy shop! I can’t wait to see when that launches!

  25. The blog designs are really lovely. Looking forward to seeing what you’ll be selling in your Etsy store.

  26. Looking so forward to see what you have in stock! Cannot wait… Oct. 11 get here now!

  27. Oh hurrah! Glad to hear things are going well for you, hey – can’t wait to see whats in your store! :)

  28. I adore your work and everything you do. Your time management skills keep amazing me. :)

  29. oh these look fantastic! clicking over to see them now…..

    also looking forward to your etsy shop! i’m opening one on November first and am in the process of getting and photographing items – the toughest part so far is figuring out shipping to the US…if you figure out some easy formula let me know?

  30. Those blogs look great! I’m hoping to open my Etsy store up in October too… it’s a LOT of work though and I’m so unorganized right now… blah.

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