Current Inspiration

Cute Kitsch – We recently did a big clean out of our bookcases and donated some of our old books to our local library. The results have been great, and we now have room for my collections of vintage objects to make their way downstairs (scary, I know). All I want to do is fill our bookcases with vintage toys, and to sprinkle a few faux gold dinosaurs in the mix for good measure.

Quilts & Weaving – I recently found a quilt that was made by a family friend when I was born, and pulling it into my craft space has had me completely fixated on it. I love the look of quilting, and my foray into granny squares hasn’t helped my addiction! I think I might ave to look into making a little quilt on my own…

Fall Fashion – I am so ready to browse the fall stock of all my favourite independent shops! I need ankle boots & dark denim, shrugs and cowls in my future. I love the warm weather, but fall fashion is my absolute favourite- I hope our fall lasts forever!

This August I Will…

Make, make, make! Because I have so many ideas in my head that I can’t get my hands moving fast enough! I have a big slate of blog designs that I’m working on this month & more handmade items that I’m plotting for my shop launch. I can’t wait! No seriously, international shipping? I need no delays.

Get balanced. I’ve been really battling it out, but I’ve decided that this whole couch to 5K thing? I just may not be able to do it right now. Instead of pushing myself so hard, I’m going to ease off and just keep eating healthy & being active as much as I can…but without the looming threat of The Dread Schedule. :)

What’s inspiring you this month?

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