So before my budget goes into lock down for the fall, I thought that I would get myself a little treat. Because:

a) I experience willpower intermittently at best &

b) I’ve switched most of my jewelry over to gold & brass, and my glasses are silver

I’ve been loving my contacts, but I still love my glasses fiercely and since I’m feeling a little bolder these days I thought I would try to find a pair of glasses online that was a little more me…

I ordered these from Warby Parker earlier this week, and I can’t wait for them to come!

They have so many cute options and the prices are really aggressive- here it would cost me $85 CAD just to buy the lenses, and I got the lenses, frames & shipping for just a tiny bit more! They don’t ship to Canada, but if you have a friend in the US it’s worth looking at.  If you don’t have friends in the US, I would recommend starting a blog :)

Ever since I was a little kid I wanted glasses, I used to wish as hard as I could that my eyesight would fail so I could have awesome pink frames as a little girl in my grade two class. While I’m skipping the pink, I still love the look of glasses- it’s just one more jewelry option in my mind.

Maybe I should show you the collection of frames I’ve amassed I was 19- some of them are pretty scary!

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