Win Free Blowfish Shoes for Spring! [Closed]

I’m really excited to have the opportunity to work with one of my favourite companies – Blowfish Shoes – and we’d like to get you a free pair of cute new shoes for the spring! :)

The snow has just started melting in the prairies, but it’s melting fast and I can’t wait to get my pair of Blowfish Shoes out in the world once it’s safe to take them out without puddle hopping! Their spring line is beautiful, and I bet there are even places in the world where you can wear them outside.

Even if I half believe that’s only the case in mythical places that only exist on TV, like Narnia & Texas ;)

How To Enter

Click here to find your favourite pair of Blowfish Shoes,
then let me know which pair of shoes you’d like to win in the comments below

The winner will be chosen & announced on Friday- good luck & happy shopping!

Edit: Thank you for entering & congratulations to Jaydinn from The Chevron Rose :)

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There are 186 responses already, join in!
  1. Janae

    I love the Nice shoes! They would be perfect for spring time frolics in pretty dresses!

  2. Ashley

    I LOVE Bayley and Vanamo!

  3. Alexis

    I like the Vanamo in black – so cute!

  4. jen

    I love the Ricky shoes, could totally rock those this spring!

  5. For me it would be Nordie or Valary in black. Sweet shoes for sure!

  6. really really love the Timo striped wedges… would totally wear them with everything all summer :)

  7. Allie

    Hey, Kyla!

    I’m a 5’11” college student who has recently found the confidence to delve into the world of heels! I’ve been searching for the perfect wedge sandal to buy (my FIRST pair!)– I’d love to win the adorable Tush sandal for the spring/summer. A little pop of color + wowing everyone at 6’3”? Can’t wait!!!


  8. Mel

    Gah!! I love the Sadiki in Brown Multi Suranam Woven Fab!! SO adorable!


  9. Becky F

    I love the Namoi!

  10. liz

    I love these red flats!

    I also love the pair in the 2nd picture, but didn’t see them on the site!

  11. Katrina

    The red & white stripey Smaras are the cutest! I’ve just booked my summer holidays on some islands near the South of England & these look both comfy & durable for long days out exploring.

  12. Cathy

    I love the Natassa in orange!!

  13. Carole M

    I like the gypsy shoes in tan color.

  14. I love the Selene flats in brown distressed linen fab – a little bit like an open-toed sandal but still comfy like a flat! Great giveaway Kyla!

  15. I absolutely love these Timo wedges!! The Blue Belize Blanket color is definitely my style :D

  16. Great giveaway! My favorites are Tush in red or Gypsy in tan. But obviously I love most of their shoes. :)

  17. i would wear these everyday in the Spring and Summer…and Fall & possibly Winter!

  18. Weronika

    I’m a fan of the Gypsy platform sandals! They would be perfect for Summer! :)

  19. The Timo in Red Belize Blanket are Perfect! Love love love :)
    Caroline. x

  20. i like those strappy logue sandles – or the handstand moccasins.

  21. I would LOVE to win the Natassa flats in teal :) I’m embracing my shortness this year and flats in my favorite color would we amazing!

  22. I love this site! Thanks for the tips! I love the Tush wedges in red. They’re simple enough to wear on a daily basis but you can easily dress them up with some matching earrings and some sparkles!

  23. I get so many compliments on the boots I got from Blowfish! Love their shoes! If I had to pick one pair I’d want next, I’d have to go with the “Ricky” in either black of floral. :D

  24. Oh awesome!! How lucky of all you amazing ladies to get to work with a wonderful company like blowfish!
    I absolutely LOVE the timo and rulla!


  25. katie

    i love the slow downs, but i can’t decide which color! maybe win one, buy the other? ;) <3

  26. I’m smitten with the Gavina and the Timo! Adorable! <3

  27. Krissy

    I love the Gypsy flatform sandals in black denim. So cute and would go with everything. Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  28. Oh, I completely love the Madoka style in Natural Sand. They look like the perfect pair of everyday shoes!

  29. Oh geez-I’d have the choose either the gypsy or the smara! They have great sale prices on now too!.

  30. Meg

    I love the Baylee shoe in red. Super cute for spring!

  31. I love the Logue sandals! Perfect for this summer!

  32. The Timos in Red Belize Blanket? ARE SO AMAZING. I may have to buy these even if I don’t win… Gorgeous!

  33. I love Malka–cute and might actually stay on my feet! =]

  34. Leana

    I love those sadiki flats. Great for muddy spring here.

  35. Andrea

    I love these! I would live in Blowfish if I could <3

  36. Anna

    I’d love the Court shoes in the nude color.

  37. I’ve never browsed the Blowfish site before– holy beautiful!! I adore the Tilde in black!

  38. Marisa

    I love the Nice flats & the Landeria sandals! Hard to pick just one ;)

  39. Jenn HB

    Ohhh Kyla, it’s been a long winter. Please pick me! I love Gypsy (in black).

  40. Oh my! Those beautiful red Rulla wedges – peeptoe, tbar and wedge!! Swoon!
    Sway xxx

  41. Love their shoes!

    The Rulla wedge in peach would be perfect for summer!

  42. chiara

    i really really love the mannix! hope to win them :)

  43. i love the Vamano shoe in black. Perfect for everyday wear.

  44. I love the Ricky wedges in black-so cute!

  45. Liz

    It was tough to choose just one, but my favs are the Mannix in black. I love the little ruffle with the buttons.

  46. Sarah

    I really like the Woburn boots! so cute :-)

  47. I love their bright colors! My favorites are the Simas :)

  48. Emily Surface

    Man oh man I love the Tilde in the brown floral print!

  49. Erin

    Oh gosh, too many to choose from! I love Blowfish. I wore one of my favorite pairs on my first date with my boyfriend almost 4 years ago! :)

    I think I’d have to pick the Gypsy sandals in Black Denim. I love the “flatform” look. <3

  50. Adrienne

    Those Huxley shoes look perfect for spring and summer!

  51. J

    I am in love with the Sassa flat in yellow! Perfect work and play shoe, in an amazing warm weather color :)

    Thanks for the opportunity, Kyla!

  52. Jesse

    I love love love Tush in red, gorgeous.
    Very difficult options though, thanks for the great giveaway!

  53. Lauren

    I love Blowfish shoes and I have a nice little collection (although most of them are a few years old now!)

    Currently I’m obsessing over the TImo Wedges in Red Belize Blanket. I have a jumpsuit that would be PERFECT with these!

  54. Oooh, they have adorable flats and sandals, too! Love love love both the Sima flats and the Sea Dream sandals.

  55. I love both the Tilde Wedges and the Nice Flats. Either pair would be perfect for spring!

  56. Rachel

    I adore the Landeria sandals!!

  57. Oh I looove Blowfish shoes. Last year I got the cutest pair of denim wedges from them. RIght now my favorites are the Ricky.

  58. Natassa—in that fabulous bright sky blue color!

  59. *eep!* Right away the Vanamo shows caught my eye, I would love to win those

  60. Rebecca T.

    love the natassas style flat!

  61. I love the Rulla!

  62. Ashley

    Love the Rulla in red. Totally spring!

  63. Bailey S.

    I love the Saleri shows! What a great giveaway!

  64. I love the Mannix in gray!!!

  65. Naomi in red! They would go with everything!

  66. Oooooie is all I can say — Oh and Kyla you are my hero!! How is it you get to work with all these amazing people!! One day I wish I have the same luck!!

    As for shoes — I am a simple shoe gal and I love and have loved these flats of theirs for several years… I always go in to the store here that carries them and they are always too out of my budget!! Yes I hope I win! But if not (since I never have the luck) I wish the winner awesomeness as they have pretty new shoes!!

    My Fav:
    Stella in Pewter Patent Faux Leather

    Thanks Kyla you Rock!

  67. Samara Elise

    The Timo in Red Belize Blanket are absolutely adorable, I love them so much!

  68. I love the Ricky in White Monet Flowers Fab or black!

  69. E

    I love the Ricky floral print pair. So fun and bright!

  70. Sara

    thanks for the opportunity! i love the timo in red belize blanket!

  71. krista

    I adore the Gypsy shoes!

  72. I LOVE Blowfish Shoes, and their new spring shoes are to die for. I’m especially liking Ricky!


  73. Jamie Rogers

    I’m torn between both the Hee Hee and Happoro boots! Both great choices for the spring or fall!

  74. Melanie

    I love the Valarie heels in the floral pattern! Such a great giveaway for spring!

  75. Maybe it’s ’cause you got me all pumped for spring, but I’d probably try a pair of the Tamalas in black.
    novaisawesome at gmail dot com

  76. michelle

    ahhh! ths “tush” wedges are adorable! and i’m in the market for some cute summer shoes!

  77. Jessie V

    I love wedges! Especially the Timo’s in Red Belize Blanket, the floral Ricky’s and the Tush in nude. We’re in the middle of a crazy wind storm on the west coast, but hopefully spring will be here soon!!

  78. I would love a pair of the Tilde wedges in purple floral :) Very cute!


  79. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway! I’ve heard great things about Blowfish and could use a quality pair of flats in my life. :)

    I think I like the Sango shoes the most….but don’t make me decide! Ayyyy! :)

  80. The Naomi in red are too cute. :)

  81. liz

    i think i’d have to go with timo – although it is SO hard to pick just one :)

  82. Madre

    Oh my god….shoes!

  83. Kim

    I’d love to have Natassa in every color!

  84. I looove the Vanamo wedges. They are fantastic!

  85. I’d get the tush in red!

  86. Prairie

    I’ve been looking for something cute to replace the brown Birks that I wear to work way more than I should. I think the Skippie’s in Natural Sand Blasted Canvas might be perfect.

  87. Love the Mannix shoe! Would love to win. :)

  88. It’s a tough toss-up for me between the Monica’s and the Sanchia’s, but I’m leaning slightly towards the Monica’s since I need a pretty pair of black summer sandals!

  89. The Natural Sand Blasted Canvas Sangos here:
    Fantabulously adorable!

  90. The Timo are so cute and colorful. Need those babies.

  91. Helle

    I love Handstand shoes…amazing :)

  92. Oooh I can’t pick just ONE… haha I’m loving the Logue, the Baylee & the Nazine shoes!

  93. I would love to win, but like you, I think I would have to wait a while to where them if I actually did…that or crank up the heat in my house and pretend I’m in the tropics!

    The new Rulla’s in red are too cute!
    Thanks for hosting Kyla!

  94. Pretty sure I need the Gypsy’s in Bark Str Denim Fab! They do look like “the perfect summer sandal” as described on Blowfish’s website! :)

  95. Love the Madoka shoes in the navy/white French stripe. So cute for summer! xo

  96. I adore the Gypsy in tan washed faux leather! Woot!

  97. Tough, tough call but I think the Hailee.

  98. Mel


  99. Oooh…I love the ‘Court’ in black – darling! :)

  100. Kirsten Parish

    Hi Kyla!
    As a new mom, I spend my days rushing my daughter to daycare before heading off to work and finishing the day with messy playtime and a creative meal. The most important part of my daily dress up and go routine is: comfort. I absolutely love the black denim Samira flats because the espadrille bottom and knotted bow offer a flirty addition to a cute top and skinny jeans while adding the most important element of comfort. I can wear the Samira flats when I take my daughter to the park or out to dinner with my husband. They offer flexibility in my style as well as support for my tired feet. They are my perfect fit!

  101. Oh fun! I had a pair of blowfish flats ages ago and just loved them. These are my favorites – they are called “nice” and I like the fun graphic print!

  102. Meryl

    I love these Rulla in the camel tone! Perfect for the season and easy to dress up or down. :-)

  103. Kit

    Oh so many beautiful shoes! I would love to win the tan Handstands

  104. I would choose the ricky in black!!! :]

  105. AshleyMD

    Skippie in red :)

  106. Carla

    These are so cute! I love the Butter ones and also the Warrant ones. Both look comfortable and cute, which makes them rock in my book!

  107. I like Mannix or Stella. Or the Tush wedges. I can’t decide! Eek! My email is tomakelovestay at gmail dot com :)

  108. Ashley P

    I’m torn between the Monica sandals and the Natassa flats! They’re both super cute.

  109. I LOVE the Rulla in Peach Baby. Such a cute t-strap!

  110. Traci

    Love love love the vanamo wedges especially! I really like blowfish shoes for their uniqueness.

  111. Laura

    Oh, so exciting! I’m in love with the shoe called “Handstand”.

  112. Blowfish shoes are amazing. :)
    My favorite pair on the site right now is the Sadiki flats especially in the “Blue Multi Suranam Woven Fab” design/color. <3

  113. I really like the Basira sandals, so cute!

  114. Lauren

    I LOVE Tush in Red – gorgeous!

  115. Ohh the vanamo is super cute!

  116. Denae

    Big fan of the hamlets and tush!!

  117. I love the Natassa flats! I am getting married in August & I think they’d add a cute pop of color under my white dress!

  118. I like the red Rullas.

  119. My favourite are the Aerin in black. Blowfish have just absolutely beautiful shoes.

  120. Shanna

    OOOH! Love the new Gypsy sandals. So cute in any color. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  121. Haley

    Ooh i’d love to win some! the banhi sandals :)

  122. Best giveaway every! I love blowfish shoes thanks so much for doing this.
    My favorite is Terrabiza in Brown Belize Blanket

  123. I would LOVE the Timo wedges!! and to be totally truthful, i have never worn heels before! So, these would be a lovely first-ish pair!

    • Jaydinn… you just won your first pair of heels, lady!! :)
      E-mail me at kyla [at] frecklednest [dot] com & I’ll get you hooked up with the ladies at Blowfish. Congratulations! :)

  124. the rullas in red are super rad! say that 5x fast :)

  125. Marisa

    The “Court” black wedges would be perfect right now, as I just threw away my tried-and-trues because they were falling apart. *Tear* Basic black, with peep-toe fun!

  126. Ashley

    Love the bark denim gypsy shoe!

  127. Thanks for the great Giveaway!!! :-)

    I love the Natassa flats in Turquoise! Soooo cute!

  128. Debbie

    Wow! Stella size 9 in black corduroy

  129. Kat

    The hard part is only picking one. They’re all so cute.
    I love the Sadiki in Natural Sand. Those tiny straps are adorable!

  130. how can one choose!? haha
    love them all but my favorite pair is Sandbox.. oh wait, maybe huxley? but then again samira in white Monet flowers are also adorable!!! i believe they’ll look great under the mediterranean sun! :p
    Thanks for introducing these amazing shoes! :)

  131. Tamara

    The saleri flats are my fav spring pick:)


  132. Madokas! So hard to choose…but I think I might have to go with those!

  133. Jacqueline

    Rulla in Black Baby Soft are sooooo cute and a must have.

  134. My favorites are the Stephanie flats!

  135. I really like the Timo style (especially in ‘blue belize blanket’). I just discovered you blog, and, well, I love it! Thanks for being so colorful & inspiring! You rock!!

  136. Leana

    I would love the noodle in solid black linen in 7.5 to wear these in spring time weather. I need some beautiful looking shoes to complement the spring time weather that quickly this year. I love how the their is a bow tie on the top of the shoe, it is so pretty. It adds to the shoe and makes it very pretty. I love it.

  137. Oooh love the Sanga shoes!

  138. i just LOVE the Timo in the Red Belize Blanket!! So summery!

  139. The “Ricky” shoe in floral is absolutey darling! Would love to own those.

  140. kelsey t

    I love the Monicas, Huxleys or Selenes :)

  141. Erin E.

    Ohhhh, I’d love the Natassa flats in yellow! Thanks!

  142. I would wear the Rulla in baby peach wedges at least three times a week, they’re just lovely!

  143. I love so many of them. I limited myself to just looking for flats because that’s what I need most. My top pick is the Madoka! I added a bunch more to my wishlist, though. :)

  144. I’m in love with the Terrabiza!!! good luck to me ;)

  145. I think I’d pick the Sadikis!

  146. I realllly love the look of the Monica sandal in Black Strike. It’s something that I wouldn’t usually pick out, which is why I love it! My goal is to be less boring with my shoe options this year!

  147. Provided this giveaway is open to UK based shoe fantatics.. the Hailee flats in fuchsia look fantastic.. also in orange. Gotta love a bit of colour :)
    Mind you, the gavina heels in Blue Belize Blanket would look awesome with bright tights..

  148. i think i’d have to go with natassa in pink! they would be the perfect flats for summer!

  149. I adore the Natassa in orange!

  150. I love the Gypsy wedges!!!


  151. Hilary

    I absolutely adore the Norco flats in the floral print!!! I just found your blog and I can’t wait to keep reading!

  152. Sara

    oh my goodness, i can’t make up my mind so this is how i broke it down

    favorite wedge: vanamo in either color although i would LOVE it if they had that in red
    favorite flat: noodle in red, 2nd close is sandbox
    favorite casual: makary in black

    theyre all just so lovely and I’m just dying to find the perfect pair with a pop of color for this spring/summer and I’ve yet found them

  153. I love Blowfish! Right now I’m digging the Court in black.

  154. How much do I love Blowfish shoes??? Very much!!! Thanks for such a great Giveaway. My fav or at least one of them would have to be the Ice Distressed Linen Vallory.

    Keeping my fingers doubly crossed!

  155. I’d definitely pick the ‘Slow Down’ sandals! Ooh, love them all though!! I cannot wait until it gets nice here in Alberta too- this winter is dragging!! :)

  156. Ooh boy I love Rulla in red!

  157. I would ADORE to take these out on the mean streets of Winnipeg this summer!

    the colour simply blows my mind and screams “summertime!”

  158. I would get the Mannix style in black! They look so comfortable! I think they would go with just about any pair of jeans I own, and I could dress them up or down.

    What an awesome give-away! I still have a pair of plaid Blowfish booties that are more than 6 years old and I wear them all the time in the winter! :)

  159. Kirsten Parish

    Hello again everyone!
    I am in no way trying to win twice, instead I just had to share my thoughts in the brilliantly red Rulla wedge! As every woman knows, any heel (including the wedge) makes your legs look like they go on for miles, even if you’re short and stubby like me! The wedge became a fashion must-have in the 70′s and they are back with a vengeance! The Rulla wedge from Blowfish shoes offers a smart adjustable strap at the ankles and a creative strip along the front of the foot; a lovely combination! Though I value my comfort as stated in my above comment about the adorable Samira black denim flat, the red Rulla wedge is a necessary addition to a flattering LBD or floral Spring cotton dress! I adore these shoes!

  160. I like the Noella flats in Sand Corduroy a lot (or the Selene flats in Black Monet Flower)!

  161. Great giveaway!! My favorite shoe is the tamala!

  162. Maude Lessard

    Wow! I love those shoes! I really like the Rulla ones! If I don’t win, I’ll buy them :)

    I love your blog.


  163. I LOVE the Natassa in yellow!

  164. Laura

    I would absolutely LOVE these: in the Burgundy Belize Blanket Fab! :D

  165. I adore the Terrabiza ethnic print wedges! They are so unique and totally not something I would usually buy for myself. (I usually stick to flats in the summer months.) I think those shoes could help me change my ways. :) They have every color in the rainbow in them! I loooove that.

  166. Amylou

    so many cute styles! i love the nazine

  167. Gillian
  168. I’d love the pair called “Nice” either pattern would work well with my wardrobe! :D

  169. Jennifer Hupe

    Vanamo! No Sandbox… ! Wait no Vanamo… yes yes Vanamo :)

  170. Lovely blog you got here girl!
    Just discovered you thanks to Elsie’s (a beautiful mess) daily reads :)
    Found out about this amazing brand thanks to the same blog and now you’re organizing this giveaway! I think this is just one of those happy days!

    I adore these wedges! So colorful that they make me happy even though they’re just on a website.
    Love both the blue and the red ones, but i think the red ones win this contest. (
    And maybe me ;)

    Love, Sari

  171. Jen

    I’m so in love with the Vanamo!

  172. ACK! Am I too late?! If not…

    I love Blowfish and my current favorite pair is the: I ♥ the Natassa’s in Turquoise Dream!

  173. Thanks for entering everyone, the contest is now closed :)

  174. Eek! I hope I’m not too late to enter – I LOVE Blowfish! I have maybe 4 pairs? I would LOVE a pair of the new Rulla wedges!

  175. Ah, just saw your comment Kyla – guess I was too late! Bummer.

  176. Brittany

    I love the Tilde Wedge Heel!

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